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Useful Immigration Guides 

How to get Your Reentry Permit Expedited: 6 Reasons USCIS will Expedite Your Application

By Michael Ashoori | August 7, 2018

  In this guide, I’ll go over the reasons why USCIS may expedite a reentry permit application. I’ll also go over the instructions for how to request expedited processing from USCIS. If you need help with your reentry permit, feel free to email me at Michael@AshooriLaw.com. I’m very responsive via email and would be happy…

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EB5 Source of Funds: 5 Valid Ways to Fund Your EB5 Investment

By Michael Ashoori | July 31, 2018

  If you are considering an EB5 visa, you should know about the EB5 source of funds requirement. Specifically, the EB5 visa regulations specify that an EB5 visa petition must include evidence “to show that the petitioner has invested, or is actively in the process of investing, capital obtained through lawful means…”   In practical…

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Can I Travel with a Green Card and No Passport?

By Michael Ashoori | July 24, 2018

  As a US permanent resident, you may be wondering whether you can travel outside of the US with your green card and no passport. The short answer is: maybe.   In this guide, I will discuss how to travel using your green card and no passport by using a reentry permit instead of a…

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Reentry Permit Form: 3 Critical Forms to Include with Your Application

By Michael Ashoori | July 17, 2018

  A reentry permit is a highly important document for US permanent residents that must leave the US for 6 months or longer.   If you are applying for your reentry permit, you should know which forms to include with your case.   In this guide, I’ll explain 3 important forms to include with your…

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E2 Visa for India: How Indian Investors Can Apply for the E2 Visa

By Michael Ashoori | July 10, 2018

  The E2 visa is one of the most powerful immigration options for investors and entrepreneurs looking to start a business in the United States. With an E2 visa, you can live in the US and operate your own business. Additionally, E2 visa processing times are quite short compared to other visa options, which is…

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L1 Visa Duration: How to Extend Beyond 5 and 7 Year Limits

By Michael Ashoori | July 3, 2018

  The L1 visa allows a foreign company to transfer certain employees to work for an affiliated US company.   One important aspect of the L1 visa is that it is a non-immigrant visa and so it is temporary in nature and does not directly lead to a green card.   In this guide, I…

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55 Marriage Interview Questions to Prepare for Your Green Card Interview

By Michael Ashoori | June 26, 2018

  If you’re applying for a marriage green card, you should know that you may be required to attend a marriage interview. The purpose of this interview is so that the immigration official can better determine whether your marriage is legitimate or not. The marriage interview is a highly-important step to getting your green card.…

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Green Card Through Marriage Processing Time

By Michael Ashoori | June 19, 2018

  Getting a green card through marriage can be a relatively straightforward process if done properly. The length of time it takes to get a green card through marriage will depend on many factors including whether you will be adjusting status in the US or applying for an immigrant visa outside of the US.  …

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How Long does it Take to get a Reentry Permit?

By Michael Ashoori | June 12, 2018

  If you are a US permanent resident and are considering applying for a reentry permit you might be wondering: How long does it take to get a reentry permit?   In this guide, I’ll answer this question and I’ll also discuss different timing strategies when applying for your reentry permit.   If you need…

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How Many Times Can I Apply for a Reentry Permit?

By Michael Ashoori | June 5, 2018

  If you are a US green card holder and you need to leave the US for 6 months or longer, you may need to apply for a reentry permit. A reentry permit is a document that is designed to protect your green card  and your status as a permanent resident. More specifically, a reentry…

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