Reentry Permit Fees: Everything You Need to Know

Reentry Permit Fees


Having a reentry permit is very important if you are a green card holder that will be leaving the US for 6 months or longer. In this guide, I will explain all of the reentry permit fees that you should know about before applying for your reentry permit.


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There are 3 main fees to get your reentry permit:


  1. USCIS Filing Fee
  2. Biometrics Fee
  3. Immigration Lawyer Legal Fee


1. USCIS Filing Fee


To process and review your reentry permit application, USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) charges a fee. The current filing fee for a reentry permit application (Form I-131) is $575.


Helpful Tips:


  • The USCIS filing fee must be submitted along with the Form I-131.


  • The check should be made out to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and should be placed at the front of the reentry permit application packet.


2. Biometrics Fee


If you are between the ages of 14 to 79, you are required to attend a biometrics appointment to get your reentry permit. The biometrics appointment is where USCIS takes your digital fingerprints and photographs. The biometrics fee is $85.


Helpful Tips:


  • If you are 14 to 79 years old, you are required to attend a mandatory biometrics appointment.


  • You should include the $85 biometrics fee as a part of your USCIS filing fee. So the total amount of your USCIS filing fee will actually be $660 if you are required to do biometrics.


  • You are required to be in the US for your biometrics appointment. If you need to leave the US once your reentry permit application is filed, this may be a problem. Many reentry permit applicants are in a rush to leave the US as soon as possible. However, it usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks to attend your scheduled biometrics appointment from the time you file your Form I-131. Your immigration lawyer can help you come up with a solution.


Here are some options to attend your biometrics appointment:


  • Request expedited processing: In certain circumstances, USCIS may grant expedited processing which will move up the biometrics appointment much sooner.


  • Leave the US and come back for your biometrics appointment: If you really have to leave the US right away, one option is to leave once your reentry permit application is received by USCIS. You can then return to attend your scheduled biometrics appointment.


  • Walk-in appointment: Once you receive your biometrics appointment notice, you may be able to walk-in to a USCIS Application Support Center (ASC) and request a walk-in biometrics appointment. The ASC has discretion on whether or not to accommodate your request.



3. Immigration Lawyer Legal Fee


The immigration lawyer legal fee is the fee that your immigration lawyer will charge to handle your reentry permit application (Form I-131). The amount your immigration lawyer will charge depends on many factors including their experience and the level of service they will provide.


Helpful Tips:


  • Make sure that your lawyer charges you on a flat fee instead on charging you on an hourly basis. You don’t want to be surprised down the line with fees much higher than you expected. If you’re working with an experienced immigration lawyer, they should be able to predict how much time it will take them to prepare and file your application.


  • It is not required that you hire an immigration lawyer to handle your reentry permit You may decide to file your reentry permit application by yourself. However, immigration forms can be very complicated and confusing. Incorrectly filling out or submitting the form may cause your case to be delayed or rejected. Your immigration lawyer can make the process go by a lot easier and can save you the stress of doing everything on your own.



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