Immigration Update: USCIS Strategy to Promote Naturalization

Immigration Update USCIS Strategy to Promote Naturalization

On July 2, 2021, USCIS released its strategy for how it plans on promoting naturalization.  In this article, we are going to go over that strategy, and how it might help you.  We are Ashoori Law, led by Michael Ashoori, a U.S. immigration lawyer based in Los Angeles, California.  At our law firm we work with clients from all over the world, and we regularly post articles and videos to make sure that you are up to date with the latest immigration news. 


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USCIS Responds to President Biden’s Call for Promoting Naturalization


Back in February of 2021, very shortly after taking office, President Biden signed several executive orders.  One of those executive orders had the specific objective of promoting naturalization.  In response to that executive order, USCIS has developed an “Interagency Strategy for Promoting Naturalization.”  The report is lengthy and can be found at USICS’s website.  Let’s go over some of the high points.


The report begins by noting that


"Our nation is enriched socially and economically by the presence of immigrants, and we celebrate with them as they take the important step of becoming United States citizens.  The federal government should develop welcoming strategies that promote integration, inclusion, and citizenship, and it should embrace the full participation of the newest Americans in our democracy." 


The Naturalization Working Group and Its Goals


In the report, its executive summary provides that a number of U.S. government agencies worked to strengthen inclusion in our country by establishing a Naturalization Working Group, the NWG.  In fact, many agencies provided meaningful contributions, which enabled the NWG to develop a comprehensive whole-of-government approach.  The NWG's proposed strategy will promote naturalization through citizenship education and awareness, and by building capacity and expanding partnerships.  Its members are committed to the following goals and outcomes:


  • Raising awareness of the importance of citizenship,
  • Promoting civic integration and inclusion,
  • Providing immigrants with opportunities and tools to become fully engaged citizens,
  • Building community capacity to prepare immigrants for citizenship,
  • Eliminating sources of fear and other barriers that prevent individuals from accessing available naturalization services, and
  • Advancing and ensuring equity throughout the citizenship and naturalization processes, including on the basis of race, disability, language access, natural origin, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and providing support to traditionally underserved communities. 


Critical Elements of the Interagency Strategy for Promoting Naturalization


The Interagency Strategy for Promoting Naturalization is a nationwide initiative that will be implemented at the community level.  It includes the following critical elements:


  • Use of data regarding potential naturalization-eligible populations,
  • Citizenship public education and awareness campaign,
  • National and community targeted outreach through traditional and social media,
  • Stakeholder engagement,
  • Promotion of citizenship education and resources, such as the USCIS Outstanding Americans by Choice, ABC initiative, the USCIS Citizenship and Immigration grant program, and
  • Capacity building through collaboration and partnerships." 


The strategy is extensive.  Indeed, it is very clear that USCIS, along with various other departments within our government, are committed to promoting naturalization.  The commitment is such that they have come together to form this strategy moving forward to promote naturalization, by raising awareness about the importance of naturalization and those various other bullet points that we went over.

Immigration Update USCIS Strategy to Promote Naturalization
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More Information on Naturalization in the Months to Come


Given this strategy, we predict that there will be more information in the months to come, informing the public about the importance of citizenship.  You can expect to see additional material and resources available to immigrants, to help them through the naturalization process, including training videos and other informational products that are disseminated to the public to help with the naturalization process. 


In sum, in this article, we covered how USCIS has put forth a strategy to promote naturalization moving forward.  This is a very positive sign for immigrants who are planning on naturalizing to become citizens in the future.  It shows the commitment on the part of the government to encourage and promote naturalization for those that are eligible or may become eligible in the future to naturalize. 


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