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EB5 Visa Case Study - From E2 Visa To Green Card

EB5 Visa Case Study: From E2 Visa to Green Card

The E2 and EB5 are both investment mechanisms that allow those seeking entry into the U.S. for business purposes to live and work in valid status. However, there are several key differences between the two. The E2 is a nonimmigrant visa that allows temporary…

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Important E2 Visa Tips

E2 Visa Tips: How to Start Your Business Prior to E2 Visa Approval

The E2 investor visa is a powerful nonimmigrant option which allows one to live and operate their own business in the United States. However, an essential prerequisite of the visa requires that the business must either already be operational or on the verge of being…

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Crazy Immigration Story: ICE Detention, Interpol and more

Crazy Immigration Story: ICE Detention, Interpol, and More

Several years ago, during my early days as an immigration lawyer, I received a frantic call that set off a series of events I will never forget. Join me as I recount this gripping tale in an effort to provide insight into the unpredictable challenges that can arise during…

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Changes to PERM

Immigration Update: Latest Changes to PERM Labor Certification

The Department of Labor has made significant structural and substantive changes to the employer-sponsored Application for Permanent Labor Certification process, and we are filling you in on the details! Both prospective green card applicants and sponsoring…

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Protect Your Green Card - Don't Make This Mistake

Green Card Holders Watch Out! Don’t Make This Mistake

Hello, everyone! The mistake made by many new lawful permanent residents is believing that once they have obtained their green card, their status in the United States is secure. However, that is not necessarily the case. Permanent Residents can potentially lose their green card if…

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Green Card Interview Waived - New USCIS Update

USCIS Waives Some Green Card Interviews: New Emails Sent By USCIS

A few weeks ago, we shared a video discussing a fascinating trend we’ve observed at our law firm: green card approval without an interview having first been conducted for an increasing number of individuals applying for marriage-based adjustment of status.

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Can You Use A Loan For The E2 Investor Visa?

Using A Loan For Your E2 Investor Visa

If you’re considering applying for an E2 investor visa, you may have questions about how funding your investment through a loan will impact the overall investment amount. In this blog post, we will delve into these questions and provide you with essential information to…

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How to Get Green Card with Job Offer - Process Explained

Securing a Green Card Through Job Offer Under PERM Labor Certification – Process Explained

Welcome to our blog post where we will walk you through the step-by-step process of obtaining an employer-sponsored green card in the United States. The most common process, referred to as PERM labor certification or ‘PERM,’ is designed for foreign workers who receive a…

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