L1 Visa Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the L1 Visa

L1 Visa Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the L1 Visa


The L1 visa is a powerful immigration option for people looking to live and work in the USA. The L1 visa allows foreign businesses to transfer certain employees to a US branch, parent, subsidiary, or affiliate company.


In this guide, I will discuss what you need to know about the L1 visa.


If you have any questions about the L1 visa, email me directly at Michael@AshooriLaw.com. My team of US immigration lawyers and I would be happy to help you get your L1 visa.




1. What is the L1 Visa?


2. What are the Benefits of an L1 Visa?


3. What are the L1 Visa Requirements?


4. Common Issues Regarding Managers, Executives, and Specialized Knowledge Workers


5. Special Rules for L1 New Office Petitions


6. What Documents are Needed to Apply for an L1 Visa?


7. How to Apply for an L1 Visa


8. L1 Extensions


9. L1 Blanket Visa


10. How to go from an L1 Visa to Green Card


11. Conclusion


1. What is the L1 Visa?


The L1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa which allows foreign companies to transfer a manager, executive, or person with specialized knowledge to a US company. The US company must be a branch office, parent, subsidiary, or affiliate of the foreign company.


The employee that is transferred must work for the US company as a manager, executive, or person with specialized knowledge. If the employee will work as a manager or an executive, the visa is specifically called an L1A visaIf the employee will work as a person with specialized knowledge, the visa is specifically called an L1B visa.


The L1 visa is not a eligible for self-petition. The US company must file the petition on the employees behalf. Therefore, the US company is considered the petitioner, and the L1 visa recipient, is considered the beneficiary.


The L1 visa allows you to live and work in the United States for extended periods of time and also provides immigration benefits for your spouse and children.




  • The L1 visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows foreign companies to send certain employees to a related US company.


  • The US company must be a parent/subsidiary, branch office, or affiliate of the foreign company.


  • If the employee will work for the US company as a manager or executive this is classified as an L1A visa.


  • If the employee will work for the US company as a specialized knowledge worker this is classified as an L1B visa.


  • The US company that the employee will work for must file the petition on behalf of the L1 worker. The US company is the petitioner, and the L1 worker is the beneficiary.

2. What are the Benefits of an L1 Visa?


i. Ability to Live and Work in the USA


  • With an L1 visa, you are authorized to live in the United States and to work for your L1 employer.


ii. Extended Period of Stay


  • The L1A visa for managers and executives is initially valid for a period of 3 years and can be extended for a total of 7 years.


  • The L1B visa for people with specialized knowledge is initially valid for a period of 3 years and can be extended for a total of 5 years.


iii. Dual Intent Visa


  • Many non-immigrant visas, such as the B1/B2 visitor visa, require that you have non-immigrant intent. This means that you must intend to return to your home country and that you do not intend to immigrate to the United States.


  • The L1 visa is a dual-intent visa, meaning that you may have the intent to temporarily remain in the United States while simultaneously having the intent to possibly immigrate to the United States and become a lawful permanent resident in the future.


iv. No Set Wage Requirements


  • The L1 visa does not require that the US company pay you a certain wage.


  • Some visa categories require that you get paid a wage commensurate with your position and job title. The L1 does not have this requirement.


  • Your US employer will still have to comply with state and federal minimum wage laws.

v. Immigration Benefits for Your Family


  • By getting approve for an L1 visa, your spouse and unmarried children under 21 years old are eligible to accompany you in the United States.


  • Your spouse and unmarried children would obtain L2 status as your dependents.


  • Your spouse can obtain employment authorization to work in the United States.


  • Your children can attend US schools and get a US education.


vi. L1 Visa is Eligible for Premium Processing


  • The L1 visa is eligible for premium processing.


  • Premium processing is a service provided by USCIS where they expedite the processing of your L1 petition for an additional fee of $2,500.


  • If you select premium processing, USCIS will issue a response to you L1 petition within 15 days.


vii. No Annual Limit to the Number of L1 Visas Issued


  • There is no annual limit to the number of L1 visas that can be issued.


  • This is contrary to other visas, such as the H-1B visa, which has an annual quota.


3. What are the L1 Visa Requirements?


In order to get an L1 visa, there are 4 main requirements:


  • There must be a qualifying relationship between the foreign company and the US company.


  • The employee coming to work in the US must have been continuously employed full-time by the foreign company for at least 1 year within the last 3 years before filing the L1 petition.


  • The employment with the foreign company must have been in a managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge capacity.


  • The employee’s work for the US company must be in a managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge capacity.


i. There must be a qualifying relationship between the foreign company and the US company.


  • The L1 visa is for foreign companies to transfer certain workers to a US company. In order to get an L1 visa, there must be a qualifying relationship between the foreign company and the US company.


There are 3 types of relationships that qualify:


  • Parent/Subsidiary


  • Branch Office


  • Affiliate




There are 3 types of relationships that qualify as a parent/subsidiary relationship:


  • One of the companies owns more than half of the other company


  • One of the companies is a 50% partner of the other company, which is a joint venture. In this situation, the parent company must have equal control and veto power over the subsidiary company.


  • One of the companies owns less than half of the other company but has control over the company.


Branch Office


  • A branch office is the same company as that parent company, but is operating in a different location.


  • To qualify for L1, the branch office must be registered as a foreign corporation operating in the US.




There are 3 types of relationships that qualify as an affiliate relationship:


  • Two companies that are both owned and controlled by the same parent company or person.


  • Two companies that are owned and controlled by the same group of people. Each person must own and control roughly the same proportion of each company.


  • Some multinational accounting firms.


Duration of the Qualifying Relationship


  • There must be a qualifying relationship between the US company and a foreign company throughout the duration of the L1 beneficiary’s stay in the US.


  • For existing US business L1: the qualifying relationship does not have to be between the US company and the same foreign employer that the beneficiary worked for. Any qualifying relationship with a foreign company should suffice.


  • For new business L1: if the US business is considered a “new business” (discussed below), the foreign company that the US worker worked for must continue to operate and must maintain a qualifying relationship with the US company.


ii. The employee coming to work in the US must have been continuously employed full-time by the foreign company for at least 1 year within the last 3 years before filing the L1 petition.


  • To qualify for an L1 visa, the foreign worker seeking transfer to the US must have been continuously employed by the foreign company, full-time, for at least 1 year within the last 3 years prior to filing the L1 petition.


  • The employment must be continuous


  • Periods spent in the United States in lawful status for a branch of the same employer or a parent, affiliate, or subsidiary and brief trips to the United States for business or pleasure will not interrupt the one year of continuous employment abroad but those periods will not count towards the year of qualifying employment. [Code of Federal Regulations Section 214.2(l)]


  • The entire year of qualifying employment should be satisfied by the time the L1 application is filed.


  • The employment must be full-time (at least 35 hours a week). There is 1 exception to the full-time requirement in certain circumstances where the L1 beneficiary worked for multiple affiliated companies.


iii. The employment with the foreign company must have been in a managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge capacity.


  • To qualify for an L1 visa, you must have worked for the foreign company in a managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge capacity.


Managerial Capacity


Managerial Capacity means that you primarily:


  • Manage the organization, or a department, subdivision, function, or component of the organization;


  • Supervise and control the work of other supervisory, professional, or managerial employees, or manage an essential function within the organization, or a department or subdivision of the organization;


  • You have the authority to hire and fire or recommend those types of personnel actions for employees directly supervised. If no employees are directly supervised, you function at a senior level within the organizational hierarchy or with respect to the function managed;


  • And, you exercise discretion over the day-to-day operations of the activity or function that you have authority over. A first-line supervisor is not considered to be acting in a managerial capacity just by virtue of their supervisory duties unless the employees supervised are professional. [Code of Federal Regulations Section 214.2(l)]


Executive Capacity


Executive Capacity means that you primarily:


  • Direct the management of the organization or a major component or function of the organization;


  • Establish the goals and policies of the organization, component, or function;


  • Exercise wide latitude in discretionary decision-making;


  • And, receive only general supervision or direction from higher level executives, he board of directors, or stockholders of the organization. subdivision, function, or component of the organization. [Code of Federal Regulations Section 214.2(l)]


Specialized Knowledge


  • Specialized knowledge is “special knowledge of the company product and its application in international markets” or “an advanced level of knowledge of processes and procedures of the company” [INA Section 214(c)(2)(B)]


What is special knowledge of the company product and its application in international markets?:


  • Special knowledge here means distinct or uncommon in comparison to what is typically found in the particular industry.


What is an advanced level of knowledge of processes and procedures of the company?:


  • This means "knowledge or expertise in the company’s 'specific' processes and procedures that is 'not commonly found in the relevant industry' and is 'greatly developed or further along in progress, complexity, and understanding than that generally found within the employer.'" [Business Immigration: Law and Practice, 2nd Ed. Chapter 11 L1 Visas and Nonimmigrant Status]


iv. The employee’s work for the US company must be in a managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge capacity.


  • To qualify for an L1 visa, you must be coming to the United States to work for the US company in a managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge capacity.


  • The same definitions for managerial, executive, and specialized knowledge capacity apply for this requirement (see above).


4. Common Issues Regarding Managers, Executives, and Specialized Knowledge Workers


Managers and Executives


  • If you will be working for the US company as a manager or executive, your specific visa classification is L1A


  • For managers and executives, USCIS is mainly analyzing whether you will primarily be engaged in the managerial or executive function.


  • The more your position is focused on the day-to-day operations of the business instead of the management of those operations the less likely it is that your position will qualify as a manager or executive.


  • If the US company is small and only has a few employees, there is a strong chance that USCIS will presume that you will primarily be focusing on the day-to-day operations of the business and that your business does not support a managerial or executive position. This is one of the biggest reasons L1 petitions get denied.


  • In order to overcome a denial you should provide evidence including an organizational chart of the US company and a detailed breakdown of all the functions you will perform for the US company along with percentages of time you will spend on each function.


Specialized Knowledge Worker


  • If you will be working for the US company as a specialized knowledge worker, your specific visa classification is L1B.


  • To satisfy the specialized knowledge category, you must show that the knowledge you have is not commonly held.


  • To overcome a finding that your knowledge is not specialized, you should provide evidence of the number of years you have been developing the knowledge, evidence of how your knowledge has benefited the foreign company, other evidence of the complexity and sophistication of the knowledge you possess, etc.


Switching from L1A to L1B


  • You are not required to work in the same capacity for the US company as you did for the foreign company.


  • If you worked for the foreign company as a specialized knowledge worker, you can come to the US company to work as a manager or executive.


  • If you worked for the foreign company as a manager or executive, you can come to the US company to work as a specialized knowledge worker.


  • Regardless of the position you will be working in for the US company, to give yourself a better chance at approval, you should show how the knowledge you gained in your capacity with the foreign company will be applied to your position with the US company.


5. Special Rules for L1 New Office Petitions


  • If the US business that you will be working for has been “doing business" for less than one year, it is considered a new office, and special rules apply to get an L1 visa.


What is a New Office?


  • A new office is a company that has been doing business in the US through a parent, branch, affiliate, or subsidiary for less than one year.



  • The mere presence of an office in the US does not qualify as “doing business” it must actually be conducting business activities.


New Office Petitions are More Strictly Scrutinized


  • L1 petitions for new offices are more strictly scrutinized.


  • In order to give yourself the best chance of approval, you should include a business plan with your L1 petition.


  • Here are some of the factors that USCIS looks for with a new office L1 application: 1. the amount of your investment, 2. your intended personnel structure, 3. the physical premises (office) you will be operating the business out of, and 4. the sustainability of the foreign company.


Special Rules for New Office L1A Managers and Executives


If you will be working for a new office in the US as a manager or executive:


  • There must be a qualifying relationship between the foreign company and the US company.


  • You must show that sufficient physical premises has been obtained to house the new office.


  • You must show that you have 1 year of continuous full-time employment with the foreign company as either a manager or executive.


  • Unlike with existing offices, if you intend to work as a manager or executive for the US company, your previous experience must have been as a manager or executive (not specialized knowledge).


  • You must also show that the US company will support a managerial or executive position within 1 year of approval of your L1 petition.


  • Unlike with existing offices, USCIS acknowledges that as a manager or executive for a new office, you are more likely to engage in the day-to-day operations of the business.


  • Rather than requiring that you primarily engage in managerial/executive tasks immediately, USCIS gives a period of 1 year for you to show that the US company will support a managerial position.


  • You can demonstrate the the US company will support a managerial position through various forms of evidence including: a business plan that will discuss the projections of the new office; information regarding the nature of the office describing the scope of the business, its organizational structure, ad its financial goals; the size of the investment in the US business and the financial ability of the foreign company to pay for your services and to begin operations in the US; and the organizational structure of the foreign company.


  • Unlike with existing offices, the initial status granted for a new office L1 is 1 year.


  • Before the expiration of the first year, to remain in valid L1 status, you are required to file an extension. In order for your extension to get approved, you must demonstrate that the US company now supports a managerial position.


  • The foreign company that you worked for much continue to operate and must maintain a qualifying relationship with the US company.


Special Rules for New Office L1B Specialized Knowledge Workers


If you will be working for a new office in the US as a specialized knowledge worker:


  • There must be a qualifying relationship between the foreign company and the US company.


  • You must show that sufficient physical premises has been obtained to house the new office.


  • You must show that the new office has the financial ability to pay for your services and to begin operations in the US.


  • For L1B new office petitions, it is also helpful to include evidence that the foreign company will continue to operate.


  • The foreign company that you worked for much continue to operate and must maintain a qualifying relationship with the US company.


  • In addition to the other requirements to get an L1 visa, specified above.


Important Note:


  • For both L1A and L1B, if you are an owner or major stockholder of the company, your L1 petition must be accompanied by evidence that your services are to be used for a temporary period and evidence that you will be transferred to an assignment abroad upon the completion of your temporary services in the United States. [Code of Federal Regulations Section 214.2(l)]


6. What Documents are Needed to Apply for an L1 Visa?


  • The evidence that you submit with your L1 petition is extremely important to getting your visa approved.


  • The specific documents you need to submit will depend on your particular case. Your immigration lawyer can help you determine exactly which documents you will need to provide, based on your particular case.


  • Email me directly at Michael@AshooriLaw.com, and I can guide you through the L1 process from start to finish.


With that disclaimer, here is a general list of some of the documents you should expect to provide to your immigration lawyer:


  • Copies of your passport for you and your family


  • Your resume or CV


  • A detailed job description outlining your US job


  • A detailed job description of your position with your foreign company


  • General information for both the US company and the foreign company


7. How to Apply for an L1 Visa


Here’s a simplified breakdown of the process of getting an L1 Visa:


Step 1 - Hire an Immigration Lawyer


  • The L1 visa is an extremely complex visa category that requires experience, careful preparation, and strategy.


  • Your immigration lawyer will walk you through the process step-by-step, conduct and in-depth consultation with you, and provide you with a detailed list of the documents they need to prepare your L1 petition.


Step 2 - Document Gathering


  • At this stage, you will gather all the necessary documentation identified by your immigration lawyer, including a detailed description of your proposed job for the US company, evidence of your employment with the foreign company, and other pertinent evidence.


Step 3 - File Form I-129 and L Supplement


  • The Form I-129 is the Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker.


  • This is the Form your immigration lawyer will file to qualify you for an L1 visa.


  • Your immigration lawyer will also file the L-supplement along with the I-129.


  • Important Note: The L1 visa cannot be filed through self-petition. Your US employer is the petitioner and you, the prospective L1 recipient, are the beneficiary.


  • All of the supporting documents, such as your evidence of employment with the foreign company, CV, etc. will also be included with the I-129


  • Once your I-129 is approved, you are eligible to apply for an L1 visa.


  • If you are doing a Change of Status, your steps are complete upon I-129 approval.


Step 4 - Apply for L1 Visa


  • If you are not doing a Change of Status, then you will likely be applying for your L1 visa at the Consulate of your home country.


  • Upon approval of your I-129, you are eligible to apply for your L1 visa.


  • Your immigration lawyer can assist you with scheduling an interview at the Consulate and preparing the necessary documents.


Important Note for Canadian Citizens:


  • If you are a citizen of Canada, you may apply for your L1 directly at a US port of entry.


  • To do this, you would apply directly to the Customs and Border Protection Agency.


  • As a Canadian citizen, you are not required to file a petition with USCIS.


8. L1 Extensions


L1A Extensions


  • The L1A for managers and executives is initially issued for a period of 3 years.


  • The L1A is eligible to be extended 2 separate times for a period of 2 years on each extension.


  • You can stay in the US for a total of 7 years through L1A


L1B Extensions


  • The L1B for specialized knowledge workers is initially issued for a period of 2 years.


  • The L1B is eligible to be extended 2 separate times for a period of 1 year on each extension.


  • You can stay in the US for a total of 5 years through L1B


New Office L1 Extensions


  • A new office L1 is given an initial period of 1 year.


  • For L1A managers and executives, you are eligible to extend the L1 by showing that the US company supports a managerial/ executive position. To meet this requirement, the US company should have adequate staff to handle the day-to-day operations of the business.


Differences Between New Office Extensions and Existing Office Extensions


  • For L1 new office extensions, the specific foreign company that you worked for must stay open and operational in order to get the L1 extension approved.


  • For L1 existing offices, to get the extension approved, the specific foreign company that you worked for does not need to stay open and operational. There just needs to be a foreign company that has a qualifying relationship with the US company while you are in L1 status. However, it does not have to be the same foreign company you worked for.


9. L1 Blanket Visa


What is the L1 Blanket Visa?


  • The L1 blanket visa certification is for employers who frequently rely on the L1 visa to transfer foreign workers.


  • By getting an L1 blanket visa approval, L1 employees are eligible to apply for their L1 visa directly at the consulate without having to get their I-129 approved first.


Who Qualifies for an L1 Blanket Visa?


In order to qualify for L1 blanket certification:


  • The US company and all parents, subsidiaries, and other qualifying organizations must be engaged in commercial trade or services;


  • The US company must have an office in the US that has been doing business for one year or more;


  • The US company must have 3 or more domestic and foreign branch, subsidiaries, or affiliates;


  • And the US company and all other qualifying organizations must: 1. have obtained approval of petitions for at least 10 L1 workers within the last year; or 2. must have US subsidiaries or affiliates with combined annual sales of at least $25 million; or 3. have a US work force of at least 1,000 employees. [Code of Federal Regulations Section 214.2(l)]


10. How to go from an L1 Visa to Green Card


  • The L1 visa is a non-immigrant visa category. This means that the L1 visa is temporary and does not directly lead to a green card.


  • In order to go from an L1 visa to a green card, you will have to either apply for an adjustment of status, or apply for an immigrant visa abroad.


Adjustment of Status


  • An adjustment of status is when you go from non-immigrant status to immigrant status.


  • In order to do an adjustment of status, you must be lawfully present in the United States.


  • The entire adjustment of status process is done within the United States and you are not required to go abroad.


Apply for Immigrant Visa


  • Alternatively, you can choose to apply for an immigrant visa abroad.


  • This process is referred to as Consular Processing, Visa Processing, or Immigrant Visa Processing.


Regardless of which route you choose, you will have to apply for and qualify for an immigrant classification. Here are some potential options:




  • The EB1C visa is an immigrant visa classification for multinational managers and executives.


  • The EB1A visa is very similar to the L1A visa.


EB1C Requirements:


In order to qualify for an EB1C green card, you must show that:


  • You were employed by a foreign company for 1 year within the last 3 years immediately prior to applying for the EB1C.


  • You must have worked for the foreign company as either a manager or executive.


  • You must be seeking the EB1C classification to work for a US employer that is a branch of the foreign company, an affiliate of the foreign company, or a subsidiary of the foreign company.


  • Your position with the US company must be as a manager or executive.


  • The US company must have been doing business for at least 1 year.


Work Sponsorship


  • Another option is that your employer can sponsor you for a green card through a job offer.


  • In order to do this your employer will have to apply for and get approved for a Labor Certification.
  • The Labor Certification certifies that your employer attempted to and was unable to find a qualified US worker for the position they are offering you.




  • The EB5 visa is an investment-based immigrant visa.


  • To qualify for an EB5 visa, you must invest a minimum of $1.8 Million (or $900,000 in certain economically depressed areas) in a US business.


  • You must also create a minimum of 10 full-time jobs for US workers among other requirements.




  • Entering into a legitimate, bona-fide, marriage with a US citizen or lawful permanent resident can also enable you to apply for a green card.


11. Conclusion


  • The L1 visa is a powerful option for people to transfer from a foreign company to a related US company.


  • With an L1 visa, you can live and work in the United States for extended periods of time.


  • You may also be able to convert your L1 visa to a green card through the EB1C classification.


  • Please note: The L1 visa is highly complex. In recent years, USCIS has become much more strict and critical over L1 petitions, based on widespread abuse. In order to give yourself the best chance of getting your L1 visa approved, you should consult with an immigration lawyer as early as possible. Your immigration lawyer will assist you from start to finish and will help you implement the best course of action.


Quick Recap:


You should now have a much better understanding of:


  • What the L1 Visa is


  • The Benefits of an L1 Visa


  • The L1 Visa Requirements


  • Common Issues Regarding Managers, Executives, and Specialized Knowledge Workers


  • Special Rules for L1 New Office Petitions


  • The Documents are Needed to Apply for an L1 Visa


  • How to Apply for an L1 Visa


  • L1 Extensions


  • The L1 Blanket Visa


  • And How to go from an L1 Visa to Green Card


This is a lot of highly technical and detailed information. If you have any questions, or if you need help filing your L1 petition, email me directly at Michael@AshooriLaw.com. I’m a US immigration lawyer and I would be happy to help you.


Ashoori Law if a full-service immigration law firm focused on helping working professionals get visas to the United States.


Got a question? Lets Talk!





  • Business Immigration: Law and Practice, 2nd Ed. Chapter 11 L1 Visas and Nonimmigrant Status


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Im a citizen from Belgium and has applied voor a E2 visa and thanks too Ashoori Law i have been approved!!His team did a great job, they help you step by step and always can you reach them by phone, email or whatsup!!Thanks Ashoori Law
03:07 24 Jan 23
Hello,My name is Adriana, I am from Colombia. I married my husband Edward who is an American citizen in Bogota Colombia in 2013. My husband moved to Bogota in 2015 until we decided in late 2022 it was time for me to apply for my USA Residency.... We started searching for Immigration Lawyers and came accross Michael Ashoori through a referral from EIN Express where I received my ITIN number. We emailed Ashoori Law and quickly received a reply explaining that a phone interview was required. The interviewer was ontime and very efficient in answering all our questions and concerns. We then decided to use Ashoori Law. A list of documents which were needed were sent to us, keep in mind that if you do not provide these Documents in a timely manner Ashoori Law can not do their job to help you. We had one person ¨Zeser¨ from almost the very beginning to assist us with every concern or question until today he continues to answer questions. Ashoori Law office filed all the documents with USCIS in the first week of June, 2022 in January 2023 I received my United States Of America Employment Authorization Card. I sincerely recommend Ashoori Law not only for their excellent customer service but also for their efficient work.Thank You.Adriana Hernández Bermúdez.read more
Escheyder Acosta
20:05 23 Jan 23
My company chose Ashoori Law to help me out in getting my work VISA to be able to move to the USA.At first, they send you a welcome email with all contacts and assigned lawyer. I think this is a nice touch so I can get familiar with the people... within the firm I can contact.I felt a little bit lost at first. They have their own sharepoint to upload files and fill out forms. However, after I had my first meeting with Lorianne (my lawyer) everything was cleared out.There was so many information to be gathered for my type of VISA. Lorianne was very helpful in giving us advise on the strategy to follow to present my case. Whole process to gather information took around 3-months.In the end, after one last meeting, we were able to have everything ready to submit. VISA was approved right away without any questions from the immigration department.This firm was great help during my process. I have only worked with Lorianne. However, judging by her response time and customer service, I think overall, it is a great firm for the process they helped me with.read more
Yoonmo Sang
00:21 23 Jan 23
I've worked with Ashoori Law's lawyers on multiple occasions and had great outcomes always. In addition, the staff are very helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend Ashoori Law for anyone.
Akash Giri
19:14 19 Jan 23
I recently applied for a green card using the services of Ashoori Law firm. The firm's team are knowledgeable, professional, and attentive to every detail of my case. They helped me every step of the way and were able to answer any questions I had.... The communication was clear and very fast, making me very well -informed every step of the way. They are experts in the field and truly care about the clients. Highly recommended!!!read more
Raja Zulqarnain Haider
20:13 14 Jan 23
We just had an E-2 approval from the U.S. consulate Islamabad Pakistan.We found this firm on the internet. When I read on their web page that they specialized in E2 visas, I send an email to Attorney Michael Ashoori for initial consulting. After a... brief phone conversation I was satisfiedThere is quite a lot of paper work involved and documents to be supplied. Our Attorney was Lahaina. She and her whole team prepared our case very efficiently.The best thing about this firm is they have friendly and helpful paralegals. And they have online portal where you can check your status anytime. Plus the whole team is available 24/7!We would definitely recommend using Ashoori lawread more
Phongmanas S
19:25 12 Jan 23
Thank you so much everyone for your help. My O1 visa approved because of all your help and guidance and carefully looking on my evidence to submit with USCIS.This is a very good news of my life. It's proved that all my past work has qualify the... ability of myself to work in US.Thank you to all of you and Ashoori law team from the first day that we have talked so far.Regards,Tanread more
Siranush Vardanyan
16:04 10 Jan 23
My husband and I used Ashoori Law Services for our E2 Visa Application. Our case was a challenging one from the beginning but having assigned Rebecca as our attorney, the process started to move forward very smoothly. Rebecca is a highly... professional lawyer, who pays attention to every detail and follow up with every request even during her weekends. We successfully got approval of our case thanks to Rebecca's professionalism and dedication. I have already recommended Ashoori Law firm to some of my friends, who are looking for a professional legal support. We intend to continue working with Ashoori Firm in future as well.read more
Samantha Jacobs
05:06 09 Jan 23
Michael and his team are phenomenal, their set up regarding information is an easy step by step guide. We worked with a lady named Rebecca, she was always available when we needed her, answered all our questions when we weren't sure, and definitely... took the stress out of filling an application, this is the second time we have used Ashoori lawyers and will defiantly continue using them in the future.read more
l am who I am - A Jamaican
23:22 28 Dec 22
My overall experience was excellent. We needed questioned answered they all questioned without hesitation.The platform used for uploading the needed documents was user friendly and once our balance was paid in full, the process went by very... fast.We highly recommend Ashoori Law for your choice immigration law firm.read more
Mathew Emanuele
23:51 26 Dec 22
My wife and I used Ashoori Law Services for our E2 Visa Application and were very happy with their work. Michael's team was very professional and the entire process was incredibly efficient. We loved how they had an online portal set up to receive... all the necessary documents they required. It simplified the process and cut out any guesswork. We followed their direction step by step and if there were any questions they were answered quickly. Elaine did a fantastic job putting our business plan together and Rebecca was our lawyer, who was highly attentive. We would definitely recommend using Ashoori law!read more
Syeda Nikhat Fatima Jafri
16:29 20 Dec 22
Ashoori law worked really fast. I’ve already had received my green card in an year of submission. They made the process very easy and gave us confidence that things will be done correctly. And they also kept us up to date with email and the online... tracking along the way.Thanks to Michael,Milena Manukyan and Carlito Romero (an ex worker) in the firm.read more
Matteo DP
21:42 14 Dec 22
it's a pleasure working with them Matthew in particular has been very supportive and available during the process
Sofiane Chtioui
14:54 14 Dec 22
I strongly recommend AshooriLaw for all your US immigration needs!I am from Canada and AshooriLaw was instrumental in helping me and my wife in obtaining our E2 visa. From the first discovery call to preparing for the visa interview in the Toronto... US consulate, the AshooriLaw team provided valuable guidance and outstanding support all along and made sure we submit a strong application that was approved with hardly any questions!Prior to starting the process, I talked to a couple of immigration attorneys and read about some bad experiences which made me worry about the kind of service I will get. Now let me tell you that the immigration attorney makes all the difference and choosing the right one will be key to the success of your endeavor!I had a very positive experience with AshooriLaw from the start and was impressed by the professionalism, the well organized workflow and the timely and friendly interaction. On top of that, I paid reasonable fees compared to other firms out there! I will definitely call AshooriLaw for any future US immigration needs and I recommend you give them a try!Thank you Lahaina, Christina, Rohit, Elaine, Melissa and Michael for your service!read more
Brandon Kim
09:12 14 Dec 22
Utilizing the services of Ashoori Law has been a pleasure and an outstanding experience. I highly recommend Ashoori Law to anyone who needs immigration assistance. With the help of Ashoori Law my spouse and I were able to get our immigration... documents seamlessly and without no issues. Ashoori Law is very customer oriented and from Day 1 is always available for you if you have any questions or concerns. Going forward, my spouse and I definitely plan to use Ashoori Law for future immigration services.read more
Eyad Alfawaeer
06:13 14 Dec 22
Attorney Lahaina and her legal assistant Christina as well as all Ashoori Law team are really awesome, they helped me in a very professional manner with a very quick and positive outcome, Highly recommend.You will be in very good hands. They were... responsive, knowledgable, helpful, and truly cared about helping me in renew my E2 visa.read more
Linda Bradley
04:04 14 Dec 22
Very happy with your services 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻Very good at their work and they explain very well so that you have patience in the waiting processes
Leva Eghbali
20:50 06 Dec 22
Ashoori Law helped get us an E2 visa. They were a dream to work with. They had a whole team who would take care of various aspects of our application and guided us every step of the way. We were on a time crunch and they got everything done on time... for us despite the rush and were so kind and patient through it all. We are so happy we found a great firm to continue working with in the future and can be sure of a great outcome and complete professionalism.read more
Donnie Ramlal
02:46 03 Dec 22
The entire team at Ashoori law has done a fantastic job of securing our E2 status here in USA . Every step of the process was very transparent and professional. They have treated us like family at the same time and have helped us secure an... opportunity to live the American dream . Special thanks to Michael , Ehsan , Rebecca , Patricia and others who have worked on our case .If you are looking for a law firm to attend to all your immigration needs , no matter what your situation is , look no more . Rest assured Michael Ashoori law have your best interests at heart . It’s a one stop shop , they handle everything for you 💯 %read more
Molly Hagman
05:29 24 Nov 22
Ashoori Law helped me with the renewal of my O1-visa and the whole process was taken care of in an exceptional way. Everything from the onboarding consultation call to the process of collecting all documents, writing the petition, and sending in,... all taken care of in a timely manner. I will definitely recommend Ashoori Law and come back for future representation.read more
Anatolii Makarov
03:38 24 Nov 22
Hi, few day ago I got approve for my EB2 NIW case. I want to say big thanks to Ashoori Law firm, especially Michael and Christina. All steps was clear and they took care all of my questions and concerns. They did all work highly professional and now... I see all decisions was made right and by the time. I really appreciate for your work from first call to approval.read more
Glen Robinson
02:08 23 Nov 22
Fast and efficient lawyer
akbar pirani
15:22 22 Nov 22
The most genuine people out there ! I was super impressed with thier honesty .Special thanks to Ms Lindsey ..We need people like you in this world !Best wishes to Ashoori Law.
Sam Bourgi
00:58 22 Nov 22
I discovered Ashoori Law after doing research on U.S. visa and immigration programs for Canadians. I came across Michael Ashoori’s YouTube channel, which, in retrospect, has the best explainer videos for U.S. immigration on the internet. After... watching his videos for a few weeks, I set up a consultation with Ashoori Law and was immediately connected with attorneys Ehsan Mehri and Lorianne Cercenia.I came into this fairly knowledgeable about the U.S. immigration system and what program I wanted to pursue. After reviewing my situation during the initial consultation phase, Ehsan explained what programs I’m eligible for as a Canadian. Lorianne was assigned my case and got to know my unique situation. She then recommended a visa option I had no clue existed – and it saved me a lot of time, money and headaches.Over the next few months, Lorianne collected my documents, prepared my application and helped me build a strong case for my visa. She was always extremely responsive and knowledgeable about the immigration system. When I attended my interview at the U.S. consulate, my application was quickly approved. That’s because I was prepared for everything, and my supporting documentation was iron-clad.I can’t speak highly enough about Ashoori Law. They took the time to get to know me and gave me a solution that matches my current set of circumstances. Their customer service is unmatched, and their knowledge of the immigration system is top-notch. I was reassured from the very beginning that my application was in good hands.Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with the whole process. I got exactly what I wanted. I’ll be working with Ashoori Law for all my immigration needs moving forward. Thank you, Lorianne and team!read more
Oubai Al Hendi
18:34 20 Nov 22
Ashoori Law had helped me with my O1 application. I cannot thank Michael, Jonathan and Ehsan enough for their real and genuine advisory and assistance all the way from the first contact till approval. The approval that I could have in a record time... of 2 days after submission due to my profile and their work to show it in the right way to the officer. I highly recommend them for O1 tech startups applicants.read more
leena Alhelo
01:51 15 Nov 22
Great to work with! They explain everything in detail and made the process very easy and fast. highly recommended
Kay Qiao
20:27 08 Nov 22
Very efficient, very professional, very responsive. Can't be more appreciated with their dedicated team work. Thank you so much!!
Shane Teelucksingh
19:26 07 Nov 22
Researched quite a bit before eventually selecting Ashoori Law as my attorney partners and I'm happy that I did . They are responsive, helpful and guide you through the entire process. I had many questions, and they had the answers and all... challenges were quickly addressed. Lahaina led my particular journey and provided quick feedback all along the way. They have a competent team and their portal makes submitting documentation really simple while allowing you to review where you are in the process, which I personally found extremely useful. A very good blend of technology and proficiency. Would definitely recommend.read more
Shamzil Ramiz
07:57 07 Nov 22
Excellent response..
Sanket Shah
00:29 04 Nov 22
Ashoori law is a Fantastic law firm, They are very Professional and Knowledgeable specially Attorney : Lahaina Araneta. As soon as I signed on they got to work right away to start gethering all Details. Anytime I had questions Lahaina Araneta is... ready to give me quick Answer. I felt our case was in good hands. The team is very responsive and knowledgeable, and they work hard to keep up to date with all the latest changes in immigration law.Definitely we will use them Service again in Future.Highly recommend.read more
Krishna Mukkera
23:30 31 Oct 22
Provided excellent support/guidance on the I-90 renewal application. Strongly recommend them.
Fari Hamid
10:03 29 Oct 22
My family and I hired Ashore Law to consult with, and to handle our immigration case whilst our migration from Pakistan to the USA. Ashore Law proved to be completely professional, functional and delivered services without any problems or... complications arising throughout our process. Their staff is indeed highly trained, extremely courteous and thoroughly professional. Ashore Law represented our case, on our behalf, and they delivered what they promised. Our applications for US immigration (E2) made through Ashore Law were handled very well throughout the process, and my family and I faced no difficulties whatsoever. I would definitely highly recommend Ashore Law for E2 consultancy services any day!read more
Copier clearance center
22:04 28 Oct 22
Michael Ashoori from the Ashoori Law firm has changed our family's life! We were here in the USA on a E2 non immigration Visa and thought we would be stuck with the E2 visa with no chance of immigration! When we contacted Michael and told him our... situation, he listened and started a game plan for us right away with an EB5 immigration Visa, Today we checked USCIS website for case update and we were thrilled when we saw our case approval notice. WOW LIFE CHANGING!!! We definitely recommend Ashoori Law firm for all your immigration services.read more
Kalubi Fwanyanga
19:44 28 Oct 22
I retained Michael and team to help ease the process of filing and also just guide us so we do don’t experience any hurdles and sure enough, when submitting the paperwork, me and hubby forgot to append our signatures on one of the forms and Michael... and team immediately noticed before the forms were sent, the process went as smooth as it can be and guess what, after 3 months submitting the documents to uscis, I received my work permit and SSC and after 10 months into the processing period, we received my parole approve notice and a date for our interview appointment! To add a cherry to the cake, the team has availed itself for any questions and guidance to thoroughly prepare us for the interview! What higher manner of professionalism can be exhibited above this! The team is fully engaged and we are grateful.read more
Aidana Ibraeva
17:07 27 Oct 22
I don’t often write reviews, but in this case I just don’t want to miss the opportunity to write about these people who are really professionals and know their business very well.If you’re still doubting whether or not you should choose them, I... can assure you that you won’t be left disappointed.read more
SangJo Kang
22:57 26 Oct 22
Me and my wife applied for green card through Ashoori Law last December and our case were approved this October. I was in J-1 visa and applied NIW case. They really helped us out from the beginning, especially helping me writing the recommendation... letters. It seemed like their law firm had a lot of people who were very experienced and they answered all the questions that I had. They even had a backup strategy for me if my case was not approved after my visa was expired. I really appreciate all their hard work and kindness and I highly recommend others if they are seeking immigration to the US. I would definitely contact them when I need help for my immigration status.read more
alinafe joshua
18:38 26 Oct 22
Thank you so much! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the amazing legal work you did on my behalf. You and your team are so understanding, helpful and fast in doing things I recommend anyone who needs help to not hesitate but to contact you ASAP.
arshad mohammed
07:50 25 Oct 22
I am very happy and pleased to be writing this review. I came to know about Ashoori Law Firm through you tube videos and decided they are the best firm for my L1A petition, they proved my belief to be 100 percent right and got approval for my case... within five months on the first go. I thank the wonderful team who were very helpful and courteous during the entire process and helped me and answered all my queries promptly. I will be suggesting the firm to many of my friends who are willing to immigrate to The United states.read more
K and G Murphy
23:20 21 Oct 22
They were very patient in waiting for us to get everything we needed and made the process fast and easy. We didn’t even have to do an interview. My wife has a 10 year residency card and right to work. Thank you
Mike Latreille
19:49 20 Oct 22
Ashoori Law was the best choice I could have made for my immigrating from Canada to the US .. their legal team has been easy to work with …super efficient and very professional and always there when I needed guidance or direction..I am greatful for... there team and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an immigration firm to represent them on their journey . A very special thanks to Michael Ashoori, Mathew Larsen and Jeser Romero.. for there attention to detail and impeccable professionalism .. Thanks again Michaelread more
Abdul Salman
17:59 19 Oct 22
Received EAD today. Ashoori have professional attorneys, they are very helpful and filing fees are affordable . Definitely recommend my family and friends. Hopefully I receive my Green card soon.
Sean Machii
05:23 19 Oct 22
Thank you for helping me to get the E2 visa. Ashoori Law team is professional and explain everything I need to know in detail. Highly recommend this law firm for E2 visa.
Eric Askerov
17:18 14 Oct 22
Ashoori Law is a law firm you can trust and be sure they won’t leave you alone with your problems. I’ve been working with a few other lawyers before, but they all are working with you only because of money and don’t really care about you and your... situation.I contacted Ashoori Law’s team with an urgent situation and they were able to take my case, get everything done super smooth and fast. Ashoori Law’s team is reliable, professional and easy to work with. They take care of everything, all you need to do is cooperate and provide necessary papers on time.I highly recommend the firm and specially Shruti, who was working on my case. Only 5 star!read more
Genx Solutions LLC
21:55 13 Oct 22
They handled my E2 process professionally. Collecting all the necessary documents were done systemically. I'm fully satisfied with the service. Michael review the file personally and answer any questions come up. Would recommend Ashoori Law office... with no doubt.read more
Frida Davidsson Art
19:39 13 Oct 22
I’m very happy I choose Ashoori law! They have been so helpful and very quick with responding! Whenever I have questions they really take their time to explain, and my case has been processed quicker expected! Everything has been going very smooth... without any issues. I strongly suggest Ashoori Law!read more
00:13 12 Oct 22
Milena she will take care of you in your case of the Mater. Experience and excellent service she explained everything in to easy detail...I give her 💯 top notch service if you have any questions she respond back fast efficient...quick and... easy process....and make it easy for you to process your paper work....thank you so much Milena OUSTANDING Work!!! Thanks Ashoori Lawread more
19:36 11 Oct 22
Excellent service extended by Lorianne & team @ Ashoori Law. Kudos.
Brian Tetreault
02:37 06 Oct 22
Fantastic experience with Ashoori Law. Michael and his team were methodical in their handling of our E2 case. Communication with the firm was excellent and all queries were responded to in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Ashoori Law.
Karen Brizuela
01:04 06 Oct 22
Michael and team thankyou very much!! Right and professional answers. you guys did the the job as we agree.. and we did get our E2 visa status.Abe Brizuela.
Winston Stewart
13:50 27 Sep 22
ashoori law took my case in April 2021. They made sure that everything was done correctly before fileing. upon receipt of the case we awaited uscis decision. our petition was approved august 2022. during this time period ashoori law was always... available for my concerns or questions. therefore without reservation I recommend ashoori law to anyone seeking professional legal services in the immigration field.read more
Allen Gibbons
20:02 24 Sep 22
They were informative and very professional. Got the case done smoothly and on time. I would highly recommend Ashoori Law Firm.
Christian Rodriguez
18:23 23 Sep 22
I am incredibly thankful for this law firm. Ever since day 1 they have made things clear and have answered every question that has come to mind along the way. Their way of making sure that all information is correct and up to standards is a main... reason why I am happy with the service. For anyone having doubts...DONT! You will not be disappointed!read more
Shyam Chandrasekharan
17:05 22 Sep 22
Team Ashoori did a great Job on my Visa Approval.
ashkan yousefi
21:19 20 Sep 22
Ashoori law supported my case for the re-entry permit and they have a very supportive staff. Everything moves very organized.
Callen Schaub
18:20 09 Sep 22
The Ashoori Law team helped secure my USA O-1 Visa (Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement). Looking forward to making the world even more colorful! Thank you Ashoori Law.All the colors,Callen Schaub
Kubra Cingirlar
17:57 06 Sep 22
Because of the location, I couldn’t hire them but they were so fast to response
Malla R
23:31 01 Sep 22
Ehsan Mari is very patient and respectful while working with him . I highly recommend him for Immigration related services
Kanwarbir Singh Minhas
22:32 29 Aug 22
Highly recommend law firm.Thanks to Ashoori Law firm.I have used their service for my E2 visa as well as E2 change of status as i needed both of them.I just got my E2 change of status approved.Great service by the Michael Ashoori and his team.... Very professional ,easy going and helpful. If you are looking for one, this is the place. I will be using their service for my E2 visa also and later on with future applications also.read more
marjan f
23:20 25 Aug 22
I had some immigration questions regarding my application, so I booked a free consultation time with their office. I received a call an hour later from Mr. Ehsan, a consultant of the office. He helped me with all my questions patiently and I have to... say that he was so professional and knowledgeable.I want to thank him for the time and consideration.read more
Sari Sari
22:04 25 Aug 22
Very informative videos and blog post! Very Easy to understand! Great customer service! Kudos!!
Rovie Sayson
21:21 25 Aug 22
Michael provided excellent service. Highly recommended!!!
Alan Kryemadhi
05:54 23 Aug 22
I called ashoori law firm after I watched their very helpfull videos on YouTube for an e2 visa application (most informative e2 videos on YouTube in my opinion).Hands down they are the BEST emigration attorneys! Although applying for the e2 visa... was completed, the whole process went very smooth. I was impressed by their quick responses! They are very responsive and informative. Cannot recommend them enough! Thank so much guys!read more
Bob Edge
15:05 20 Aug 22
They helped me applied for my mom's green card and provided guidance and assistance through the whole process and more!
Adam Weston
18:25 19 Aug 22
Although I am halfway through the immigration process with my wife, it has been an excellent experience so far. Ashoori Law is very responsive and gets back to me quickly when I have a question. They made everything very easy which is key. Highly... recommend.read more
Chel Onates
17:42 18 Aug 22
I would like to Thank Ashoori Law team specially to Jeser I really appreciated the updates and follow ups. I highly recommend this firm.
Martha Castrejon
17:52 17 Aug 22
I just got my E2 visa renewal,thank you for the great team of the best immigration Michael Ashoori law company,thanks Lahaina,james,Michael for your help,and would like to give you more than 5 stars,sure will continue to work with you.
Mahesh Lal Rawat
14:56 14 Aug 22
महेश लाल जिला फतेहपुर भारत
Sweta Bharodia
18:23 12 Aug 22
Michael Ashoori and his team were very helpful and guided us through each and everything in getting our E2 visa. I highly recommend Ashoori Law firm.Initially when were looking for E2 visa lawyer, we had been in contact with many lawyers, but we... are fortunate we made a correct decision by making Ashoori Law firm as our lawyer. For any visa application documentation is very important. Ashoori Law team gave us a very clear and easy to understand step by step application process, which made it very easy for me to collect the relevant documents and submit. Starting from setting up a new company for the business till getting visa, Ashoori law firm has been always there, they have always answered to all our questions to the best of their abilities. We are very satisfied by choosing Ashoori Law firm as our lawyer.They are very approachable and will answer all your questions quickly. Special thanks to Lahaina, Chris, Elaine and all the team members with whom we interacted during the visa application process.Sincerely,Sweta Bharodia.read more
Michael - David
12:45 11 Aug 22
It is my pleasure to testify to my extremely positive experience working with the Ashoori Law Team in regards to the recent renewal of my O-1 Visa. This Visa renewal was complex as it involved factors such as a patent I hold, the relationship with... the company that I am working with, as well as an arts and entertainment component. The members of the team were professional and attentive and were able to secure the renewal within a surprisingly short amount of time. I would highly recommend their services for anyone who is seeking the right immigration solution particularly where the petition has a business component.Sincerely,Michael-Davidread more
Jessie Vasquez Hurst
17:47 10 Aug 22
Ashoori Law made sponsoring an employee's visa very easy and free of stress. They explained everything in detail and were very prompt with their responses and action items. It was a very fast and smooth process that was not outrageously expensive. I... would definitely recommend them and use them again.read more
mubashir ahmed
01:56 10 Aug 22
Thank you so much Michael Ashoori for all your help regarding my wife's work Authorization as an E2- dependent. We truly appreciate your honesty and making this whole process very easy and straight forward for us from the time of the application... till getting the EAD card. Your whole team was exceptional in providing the great advice. Thank you for responding to our emails and phone calls promptly. Our special thanks to James and Lahaina, both were very active and efficient. This was our first experience with any immigration lawyer, and it was very pleasant.We highly recommend Michael Ashoori Law office for any immigration services.read more
Ritesh Chutani
19:11 09 Aug 22
Michael has been very helpful with my reentry permit application. He has been very prompt in answering all the questions I had. He explained how I should go ahead with my application and has supported all along in last few months since the... application process started. I highly recommend his services.read more
Junko Iizuka
22:43 28 Jul 22
From the bottom of my heart, I would like to express my gratitude to the Ashoori Law team, especially Kelly Raposa. Much of my time & energy was needed to go to the hospital daily to take care of my very sick mom. Thanks to Kelly’s genuine kindness... & willingness to answer even the smallest of questions, I was able to focus more of my time & energy on my mom, & was able to be by her side during her last final week. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone - from the moment I started working with them, it was evident that they deeply care about all their clients.read more
Travis Steinke
20:23 27 Jul 22
The team at Ashoori law were helpful throughout the entire visa experience. Would, and have, recommend to anyone looking into the E2 visa route. Thank you!
Pradeep Sharma
14:35 27 Jul 22
Great attorney and very impressed with the professionalism. Highly recommend this place for E2 visa needs.
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