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Replace Your Green Card by Working with an
Experienced Immigration Lawyer

Replace Your Green Card by Working with an Experienced Immigration Lawyer

How It Works

Here’s what you get from Ashoori Law

Through our law firm, your green card replacement application will be prepared and filed by an experienced immigration lawyer for a single flat-fee. Simply fill out our online application. We’ll then review your answers, prepare your forms, and file your application for you. No visits to a lawyer's office. It's quick and easy.

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Easy and Affordable Legal Representation

In 2017, over 28,000 I-90 applications were denied. In 2018, the number of denials will likely exceed 50,000! The process to replace your green card can be complicated and stressful. There are so many ways to make mistakes on your application that can delay the process, or even get your case rejected. Through our service, you get the benefit of having your application prepared and filed by an experienced immigration lawyer. 

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$457 + USCIS Filing Fee

We charge a flat-fee of $457 + USCIS filing fee to prepare and file your green card replacement application. The USCIS filing fee is typically $540. Our flat fee of $457 is less than the cost of another filing fee, should you end up having to re-apply.

Meet Michael Ashoori, Esq.

U.S. Immigration Lawyer and Founder of Ashoori Law

Michael Ashoori is a U.S. immigration lawyer and the founder of Ashoori Law.


Mr. Ashoori's legal practice focuses on the representation of individuals, families, working professionals, and foreign investors with their immigration needs.


The son of immigrant parents, Mr. Ashoori has a deep understanding and appreciation for the benefits of U.S. immigration. He has assisted individuals from around the world including China, India, Pakistan, Canada, Germany, Thailand, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Israel, Japan, Iran, Venezuela, Argentina, New Zealand, and the UAE.


Mr. Ashoori received his Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from UCLA School of Law and his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree from UCLA as well. He is admitted to the State Bar of California.