E2 Visa

E2 Visa Lawyer

E2 Visa Lawyer: 4 Important Tasks Your E2 Visa Lawyer Should Perform

As an E2 visa applicant, one of the main requirements to get your E2 visa approved is the source of funds requirement. You must show that your investment funds were obtained lawfully. Examples of lawful sources of funds include employment earnings and…

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E2 Visa Renewal

E2 Visa Renewal: How to Renew or Extend Your E2 Visa

One of the benefits of an E2 visa is that it can be renewed or extended. As long as the E2 company and the E2 investor continue to satisfy the E2 visa requirements, there is no limit to the number of times that an E2 visa can be renewed or extended….

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E2 Visa Spouse

E2 Visa Spouse: How to Get Work Authorization and SSN for E2 Spouse

The E2 visa is one of the best options available for you to live and work in the United States. With an E2 visa, you can set-up your own business or purchase an existing business. The E2 visa provides you with unlimited opportunity to grow your business and…

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Entrepreneur Visa

Entrepreneur Visa: 5 Visas for Starting a Business in the United States

The United States has multiple visa categories for entrepreneurs to start and operate a business in the US. Entrepreneur Visa #1 is E2 Visa. The E2 visa is a great option for entrepreneurs. The basic concept of the E2 visa is that it allows you to invest money into a…

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E2 Visa Business

E2 Visa Business: Which Business is Best for an E2 Visa

Are you considering the E2 visa as a way to live and work in the United States? If so, you should know that selecting the right E2 visa business is very important for success in your visa application. While there is not 1 particular type of business that is best for an E2 visa, there are…

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E2 Visa India

E2 Visa for India: How Indian Investors Can Apply for the E2 Visa

The E2 visa is one of the most powerful immigration options for investors and entrepreneurs looking to start a business in the United States. With an E2 visa, you can live in the US and operate your own business. Additionally, E2 visa processing times are quite short compared to…

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L1 Visa Duration

L1 Visa Duration: How to Extend Beyond 5 and 7 Year Limits

The L1 visa allows a foreign company to transfer certain employees to work for an affiliated US company. One important aspect of the L1 visa is that it is a non-immigrant visa and so it is temporary in nature and does not directly lead to a green card. If you have any…

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E2 Visa Fees

E2 Visa Fees: Everything You Need to Know

The E2 visa is a powerful option for investors and entrepreneurs to live and work in the US. Learn all about the E2 visa fees that are necessary throughout the E2 visa process. These fees include the immigration lawyer fee, E2 visa application fee, business plan, etc.

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