H1B Visa

6 Benefits Of The L1 Visa

6 Benefits of the L1 Visa

In this blog post, we will delve into the advantages of the L1 visa—a nonimmigrant visa that allows a foreign company to transfer an executive, manager or specialized knowledge employee to work for a related U.S. company. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a worker seeking…

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How to Get the Prevailing Wage and Why it Matters

H1B Prevailing Wage: How to Find the Prevailing Wage and Why it Matters

When applying for the H1B visa, a determination that the U.S. government makes is whether employees will be paid fairly for their work. A salary at or above what is known as the prevailing wage, which is determined by the skill level of the employee and the geographic area where they will be working, is necessary for…

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H1B Visa Application_ Everything You Need to Know

H1B Visa Application: Everything You Need to Know

The H1B visa allows foreign nationals to perform specialty occupations in the United States. It exists for occupations in a variety of different fields. There are 65,000 H1B visas made available with the standard H1B cap, and an additional 20,000 H1B visas are available for advanced degree holders.

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H1B Visa Lottery-What You Need To Know

H1B Visa Lottery: What You Need to Know

In order to qualify for a chance to submit an H-1B cap-subject petition, you must first be selected through a randomized lottery. The quota for this lottery includes 65,000 slots for standard H-1B petitions, and an additional 20,000 slots for workers with a master’s degree. This lottery process begins with…

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5 Ways to Work in the U.S.

5 Ways to Work in the United States

People are often surprised to learn that there are many different ways to lawfully work in the United States. In this guide, I’m going to explain 5 different ways that someone can legally work in the U.S. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at +1-818-741-1117 or you may schedule a free consultation here.

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H1B Visa Requirements: What You Need to Know

The H1B is a powerful visa that enables foreign nationals to work in “specialty occupations.” This is a good option for many foreign nationals. This post will discuss the H1B visa requirements and should help you determine if you are eligible for the H1B visa.

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H1B Visa Process: Step-by-Step Explanation on How to Get an H1B Visa

The H1B is a powerful visa that allows foreign nationals to work in the United States in “specialty occupations.” There are 65,000 H1B visas allocated per year, plus 20,000 additional visas for those with advanced US degrees (US masters and up). You can stay in the…

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H1B Visa Registration

H1B Visa Registration Process: What You Need to Know

Beginning for the 2021 fiscal year, all employers wishing to submit H1B cap-subject petitions must first electronically register with USCIS. This is required for all H1B cap-subject petitions, including for those with advanced degrees. There is a $10 fee for this…

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