L1A Visa

L1A vs L1B_ Everything You Need to Know

L1A vs L1B: Everything You Need to Know

The L1 visa category, created by Congress in 1970, is specifically intended for individuals customarily employed abroad by a company with a qualifying relationship to the U.S. company wishing to obtain the L1 visa for employees. The L1 visa is limited exclusively to employees of multinational companies, and may not be used unless…

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L1A Visa Guide - Step-by-Step Guide on the L1A Visa

L1A Visa Guide: Step-by-Step Guide on the L1A Visa

The L1A visa was designed to allow certain foreign workers to transfer to the United States and to work as either a manager or executive.   In this guide, I’m going to discuss the L1A visa for managers and executives.   If you have any questions, please reach out to me via email at Michael@AshooriLaw.com. I’d…

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