TN Visa Guide: What You Need to Know About the TN Visa

TN Visa


The TN visa is a powerful non-immigrant visa classification available to citizens of Canada and Mexico. With a TN visa, you can live and work in the USA for extended periods of time.


In this guide, I will go over the information you need to know about the TN visa.


If you have any questions about the TN visa or if you need help with your TN visa application, please feel free to email me directly at I’m highly responsive via email and I would be happy to help you.




1. What is the TN Visa?


2. What are the Benefits of a TN Visa?


3. What are the TN Visa Requirements?


4. What Documents Are Needed to Apply for a TN Visa?


5. What is the Process to Get a TN Visa?


6. How to go from TN Visa to Green Card


7. Conclusion


1. What is the TN Visa?


The TN Visa is a non-immigrant visa classification available to citizens of Canada and Mexico. With a TN Visa, you can live and work in the United States for extended periods of time. The TN classification permits you to work in the USA for up to 3 years initially, and can be extended over and over without limit.


To qualify for a TN visa, you must work in the USA in one of the professions  on the list of TN occupations (these professions are listed down below). You must also satisfy the educational standards and credentials required for the profession you will work in.


TN stands for Trade NAFTA. The TN visa is based on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Treaty.


With a TN visa, your spouse and children are eligible for TD status. With TD status your spouse and children cannot work but they can go to school.




  • The TN visa is for citizens of Canada and Mexico


  • With a TN visa, you can work in a profession listed on the TN Occupation List. You must meet the education and experience requirements of that profession.


  • The TN gives you up to 3 years of status in the United States, and can be extended over and over with no limit.


2. What are the Benefits of a TN Visa?


i. Length of Stay


With a TN visa, you can initially stay in the USA for up to 3 years. There is also no limit to the number of times you can extend your TN status. So through the TN classification, you may be eligible to lawfully live and work in the USA for several years.


ii. No Quota


  • Unlike the H1B visa, there is no quota for the TN visa. 


iii. No Labor Certification Required


  • The TN visa classification does not require your US employer to get an approved Labor Certification


  • A Labor Certification certifies that the US employer was unable to find a suitable US worker to fill the position that they are hiring you for.


  • The process of getting an approved Labor Certification can be very timely.


  • To get a TN visa, your US employer does not need to get an approved Labor Certification. They can skip this process and just offer you a job.


iv. No Visa Required for Citizens of Canada


  • Canadians are not required to get a TN Visa. Instead, they can apply for TN classification directly at a US Port of Entry (we will discuss this in more detail down below).


v. Immigration Benefits for Your Family


With a TN visa, your spouse and children may also be eligible for TD classification. With TD classification, they cannot work in the US but they can go to US schools.


vi. Premium Processing


  • The TN is eligible for Premium Processing.


  • Premium Processing is a service offered by USCIS where USCIS will answer your petition in 15 days or less, for an additional fee of $1,225.


3. What are the TN Visa Requirements?


To qualify for a TN visa, there are 5 main requirements:


  • You Must be a citizen of Canada or Mexico


  • You Must have a job offer to work in the USA


  • Your Job Must be Listed on the TN Occupation List


  • You Must Satisfy the Educational and Professional Requirements of the US Job


  • You Must be Seeking Temporary Entry (Non-Immigrant Intent)


i. You Must be a Citizen of Canada or Mexico


To qualify for a TN visa, you must be a citizen of either Canada or Mexico. Permanent residents of Canada and Mexico do not qualify for a TN visa.


ii. You Must have a job offer to work in the USA


To qualify for a TN visa, you must have a job offer to work in the USA. The TN visa does not allow for self-employment and does not allow you to start a business in the USA and work for that business.


You cannot qualify for a TN visa by working for a company that you are the sole owner of or the controlling shareholder of.


iii. Your Job Must be Listed on the TN Occupation List


To qualify for a TN visa, your job must be listed on the TN Occupation List. The TN classification does not allow for all types of work. Your job in the United States must fit into one of the professions listed.


Here is the TN Occupation List Along with the Necessary Educational Degree and Necessary Professional Experience:


General Occupations


  • Accountant - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree OR CPA, CA, CGA, or CMA


  • Architect - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree OR State/provincial license


  • Computer Systems Analyst - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree OR Post-secondary certificate and 3 years of experience


  • Disaster Relief Insurance Claims Adjuster - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree and successful completion of training in the appropriate areas of insurance adjustment pertaining to disaster relief claims OR 3 years of experience in claims adjustment and successful completion of training in the appropriate areas of insurance adjustment pertaining to disaster relief claims


  • Economist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Engineer - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree OR state or provincial license


  • Forester - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree OR state or provincial license


  • Graphic Designer - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Hotel Manager - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree in hotel/restaurant management OR Post-Secondary Diploma or Post-Secondary Certificate in hotel/restaurant management and 3 years of experience in hotel/restaurant management


  • Industrial Designer - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree OR Post-Secondary Diploma or Post-Secondary Certificate and 3 years of experience


  • Interior Designer - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree OR Post-Secondary Diploma or Post-Secondary Certificate and 3 years of experience


  • Land Surveyor - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree OR state, provincial, or federal license


  • Landscape Architect - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Lawyer (Including Notary in the Province of Quebec) - LL.B., J.D., LL.L., B.C.L. or Licenciatura Degree (5 years) OR membership in a state or provincial bar


  • Librarian - M.L.S. or B.L.S. (for which another Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree was a prerequisite)


  • Management Consultant - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree OR equivalent professional experience as established by statement or professional credential attesting to 5 years of experience as a management consultant OR 5 years of experience in a field of specialty related to the consulting agreement


  • Mathematician (Including Statistician) - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Range Manager/Range Conservationist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Research Assistant - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Scientific Technician/Technologist - 1. No degree required (but the TN worker must directly support a degreed professional); 2. Possession of theoretical knowledge of any of the following disciplines: agricultural sciences, astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering, forestry, geology, geophysics, meteorology, or physics; AND 3. the ability to solve practical problems in any of those disciplines, or the ability to apply principles of any of those disciplines to basic or applied research


  • Social Worker - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Sylviculturist (Including Forestry Specialist) - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Technical Publications Writer - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree OR Post-Secondary Diploma or Post-Secondary Certificate and 3 years of experience


  • Urban Planner (Including Geographer) - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Vocational Counselor - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


Medical Fields


  • Dentist - D.D.S., D.M.D., Doctor en Odontologia or Doctor en Cirugia Dental OR state or provincial license


  • Dietician - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree OR state or provincial license


  • Medical Laboratory Technologist/Medical Technologist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree OR Post-Secondary Diploma or Post-Secondary Certificate and 3 years of experience


  • Nutritionist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Occupational Therapist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree OR state or provincial license


  • Pharmacist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree OR state or provincial license


  • Physician (Teaching or Research Only) - M.D. or Doctor en Medicina OR state or provincial license


  • Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree OR state or provincial license


  • Psychologist - Licenciatura Degree OR state or provincial license


  • Recreational Therapist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Registered Nurse - Licenciatura Degree OR state or provincial license


  • Veterinarian - D.V.M., D.M.V. or Doctor en Veterinaria OR state or provincial license


Scientist Occupations


  • Agriculturalist (Including Agronomist) - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Animal Breeder - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Animal Scientist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Apiculturist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Astronomer - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Biochemist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Biologist (Including Plan Pathologist) - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Chemist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Dairy Scientist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Entomologist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Epidemiologist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Geneticist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Geochemist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Geologist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Geophysicist (Including Oceanographer) - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Horticulturist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Meteorologist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Pharmacologist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Physicist (Including Oceanographer) - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Plant Breeder - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Poultry Scientist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Soil Scientist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Zoologist - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


Teacher Occupations


  • College Teacher - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • Seminary Teacher - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


  • University Teacher - Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree


iv. You Must Satisfy the Educational and Professional Requirements of the US Job


In order to qualify for a TN visa, you must satisfy the educational and professional requirements of the US job. You can see the educational and professional requirements for each of the TN occupations listed above.


Here are some helpful tips regarding the educational and professional requirements:




  • Most of the occupations require a Baccalaureate or Licenciatura Degree.


  • A 3 year degree can qualify as a baccalaureate. It does not have to be a 4 year degree.


  • Your degree should be in the field of your intended TN occupation or in a related field.


  • If your degree, certificate, or diploma is earned outside the US, Canada, or Mexico you must also submit a credentials evaluation proving that your degree, certificate, or diploma is equivalent to a Mexican, Canadian, or US degree, certificate, or diploma.


State or Provincial License


  • For various occupations listed above, a state or provincial license can qualify instead of a degree.


  • A state or provincial license is any document issued by a state, provincial, or federal government (or under its authority) that permits someone to engage in a regulated activity or profession. Documents issued by or under the authority of local governments do not qualify. [8 CFR Section 214.6]


Post-Secondary Certificate


  • For various occupations listed above, a post-secondary certificate or diploma can satisfy the educational requirement


  • A post-secondary certificate is a “certificate issued upon completion of 2 or more years of post-secondary education at an academic institution, by the federal government of Mexico or a state government in Mexico, an academic institution recognized by the federal government or a state government, or an academic institution created by federal or state law” [North American Free Trade Agreement]


  • To qualify for TN, the post-secondary diploma or certificate must be issued in either the US, Canada, or Mexico


v. You Must be Seeking Temporary Entry (Non-Immigrant Intent)


  • To qualify for a TN visa, you must have non-immigrant intent. Specifically, the TN  permits “temporary entry” to the United States.


  • Temporary entry means “entry without the intent to establish permanent residence.” [North American Free Trade Agreement]


  • To satisfy this requirement, you must demonstrate that you will intend to leave the United States upon completion of your TN assignment.


  • Your non-immigrant intent will be analyzed at the time your petition is reviewed , upon applying for your TN visa, and upon entry to the United States.


Proving Non-Immigrant Intent


  • To demonstrate that you have non-immigrant intent, you should show that your US assignment is temporary and has a predictable end date.


  • If possible, you should provide evidence that you have a foreign residence abroad and that you plan to maintain that foreign residence.


  • You should also provide evidence showing that you have strong ties to your foreign residence. Evidence showing strong ties to your foreign residence includes: a mortgage in your name for a foreign residence, foreign bank accounts, bills addressed to your foreign residence, a job offer to resume work in your home country upon completion of your TN assignment, etc.


Additional Points on Non-Immigrant Intent


  • Although your are required to have non-immigrant intent, this does not mean that your are prohibited from applying for a green card in the future.


  • Your non-immigrant intent is considered at the time of your application, visa issuance, and entry to the United States.


  • If sometime in the future, you decide to apply for a green card, this may still be permitted.


  • This is a highly technical area of immigration law and should be handled by an immigration lawyer to ensure that it is done properly. Feel free to email me directly at if you would like to discuss this further.


4. What Documents Are Needed to Apply for a TN Visa?


The evidence and documentation that you submit with your TN application are extremely important for getting approved. Many of the documents you submit will depend on your unique credentials, available documents, etc.


With that disclaimer, here is a list of documents that you will need to provide:


i. Evidence of your Canadian or Mexican Citizenship


  • Canadian Passport


  • Mexican Passport


ii. Support Letter from Your Prospective US Employer


One of the most important pieces of evidence for your TN petition is the support letter from your US employer.


The support letter should address all of the following:


  • The professional activities that you will be doing for the US company


  • Your responsibilities for the US company


  • The length of time that you will be working for the US company


  • An explanation of the US company’s need for your services


  • An explanation of your educational background and professional qualifications for the position


  • The salary and other remuneration that you will receive


  • The support letter should be on the company’s letterhead and signed by an authorized representative of the company


iii. Employment Contract


  • Your employer may wish to have a separate employment contract in addition to the support letter.


iv. Evidence of Your Non-Immigrant Intent


You will need to provide documents evidencing your non-immigrant intent. These documents should ideally show strong ties to your home country.


Here are some examples of documents to show non-immigrant intent:


  • Deed in your name to a property in your home country


  • Bills addressed to your foreign residence


  • A letter from a foreign employer indicating arrangements for you to return to work upon completion of your TN assignment


  • Foreign bank account


  • Evidence of commitments/responsibilities abroad


  • Evidence that you have a spouse/children abroad


v. Educational and Professional Qualifications


  • Degrees


  • Certificates


  • Licenses


  • Letters from former employers evidencing previous work experience


  • Resume


5. What is the Process to Get a TN Visa?


The process for getting TN classification is different for Mexican and Canadian citizens. To highlight the main differences, Canadian citizens do not need to apply for a TN visa. Instead, Canadian citizens can apply for TN status directly at a United States Port of Entry. Conversely, Mexican citizens must apply for a TN visa at a US Consulate before entering the US. Additionally, Canadian citizens have the option of filing an initial TN petition with USCIS and getting their TN pre-approved before seeking admission through a Port of Entry. Mexican citizens are not eligible to file an initial TN petition with USCIS. Instead, they must apply for a TN visa directly through a US Consulate.


Canadian Citizens


Canadian citizens have 2 options for getting TN classification.


  • Applying for TN classification directly at a United States Port of Entry


  • Submitting a Form I-129 Through USCIS


i. Applying for TN classification directly at a United States Port of Entry


  • Canadian citizens are not required to file a petition or application to get a TN visa. No form is required.


  • In addition, Canadians are, for the most part, exempt from needing a visa to enter the United States.


  • Instead, to get TN classification, a Canadian citizen can request TN classification at a United States Class A port of entry


  • To do this, a Canadian citizen must pay a $50 processing fee and provide the following evidence: 1. A valid Canadian passport; 2. Support statement from US employer; 3. Evidence of professional and educational qualifications; 4. Evidence of non-immigrant intent


  • At the port of entry, a Customs and Border Protection officer will analyze your evidence. The officer will likely ask questions regarding your planned job duties, professional background, etc.


  • If you satisfy the TN requirements and pass the interview, they will admit you into the US and grant you TN classification.


ii. Submitting a Form I-129 Through USCIS


  • If a Canadian citizen wants to, they may submit a petition through USCIS to get pre-approved for TN classification.


  • Specifically, the US employer will file a Form I-129 through USCIS on behalf of the TN worker. The US employer is the petitioner and the TN worker is the beneficiary.


  • In addition to the I-129, the US employer must also complete the TN supplement to the I-129.


  • Once the I-129 is approved, the TN worker can then take the approval notice, along with their Canadian passport and the complete I-129 along with all the supporting documents, to a United States port of entry.


  • At the port of entry, a Customs and Border Protection officer will review your documents and may ask questions regarding your TN petition.


  • Just because your I-129 was approved does not guarantee that you will get approved for TN classification.


  • You should still be ready to answer questions about your planned job duties, qualifications, etc.


  • However, having your petition approved through USCIS should improve your chances of getting approved at the port of entry.


  • If you submit an I-129 through USCIS, you are not required to pay the $50 processing fee at the United States port of entry.


Mexican Citizens


Unlike Canadian citizens, Mexican citizens are required to apply for and receive a TN visa prior to entering the United States as a TN worker. Mexican citizens are not permitted to apply for TN classification at a United States port of entry without first getting a TN visa. Also, Mexican citizens are not permitted to file a Form I-129 thorough USCIS to get pre-approved for initial TN classification. Instead, Mexican citizens must apply for a TN visa directly at a US Consulate abroad.


Apply for TN Visa at US Consulate


  • Mexican citizens must apply for a TN visa before seeking entry into the US as a TN worker


  • To do this, a TN worker must first complete and submit a Form DS-160 Non-Immigrant Visa Application Form online.


  • The TN worker must then schedule a visa appointment at the US Consulate.


  • The TN visa fee is $160.


  • The TN worker must bring the following documentation with them to the visa interview: 1. A valid Mexican passport; 2. Support statement from US employer; 3. Evidence of professional and educational qualifications; 4. Evidence of non-immigrant intent


  • At the visa interview, you will likely be asked questions about your planned job duties in the United States, your qualifications, and similar questions.


  • Once you are approved, you will be issued a TN visa.


Port of Entry


  • Following TN visa issuance, a TN worker must then seek TN classification at a US port of entry.


  • You should bring your Mexican passport, TN visa stamp, and your support statement with you to the US port of entry


  • The customs and border protection officer at the US port of entry will likely not re-adjudicate your TN petition. However, they may still ask you some general questions.


  • There is no $50 fee at the port of entry for Mexican citizens


  • Upon approval, you should be given TN classification for up to 3 years


Change of Status


Citizens of Canada and Mexico may also choose to do a Change of Status. A change of status is when you go change from one non-immigrant status to another non-immigrant status.


In order to do a change you status, you must be lawfully present in the US in some valid non-immigrant status. You must also file a Form I-129 while you are present in the US.



6. How to go from TN Visa to Green Card


One of the questions that I get asked quite often is whether a TN worker can go from TN visa to green card. The answer is YES.


The TN visa is a non-immigrant visa classification so it does not directly lead to a green card. To go from TN visa to green card you can either apply for an adjustment of status or apply for an immigrant visa abroad.


An adjustment of status is when you go from non-immigrant classification to immigrant classification. The entire process can be done within the USA without the need to go abroad. In order to do an adjustment of status, you must be lawfully present in the United States at the time the adjustment of status petition is filed. To do an adjustment of status, you must file a Form I-485 with USCIS.


Applying for an immigrant visa is different from doing an adjustment of status. Applying for an immigrant visa must be done at a US Consulate abroad. This process also requires you to undergo an visa interview at the US Consulate.


Regardless of whether you do an adjustment of status or apply for an immigrant visa, you will likely have to get approved for an immigrant classification by filing a Form I-140 with USCIS.


As a TN professional, one of the most common ways of going from TN visa to green card is by having your US company sponsor you for a green card through a job offer. In order to sponsor you for a green card through a job offer, the US company must apply for and get approved for a Labor Certification


A Labor Certification is issued by the Department of Labor. To get a Labor Certification, the US company must show that it made efforts to secure a qualified US worker for the position but were unable to find a qualified US worker. Once the Labor Certification is approved, the US company is eligible to sponsor you for a green card.


Very Important Note: The TN classification requires that you must have non-immigrant intent. Getting approved for an immigrant petition can potentially conflict with the requirement to have non-immigrant intent. As you can imagine, an approval for an immigrant petition can be seen as clear evidence of immigrant intent. It is highly important to work with a qualified immigration lawyer, through the entire process of going from TN visa to green card.


  • Working with a qualified immigration lawyer can help make sure that you do not violate the requirement to have non-immigrant intent.


  • An immigration lawyer can help to make sure that the transition from TN visa to green card goes smoothly.


  • If you need help going from TN visa to green card, please email me directly at I would be happy to guide you through the process.

7. Conclusion


By reading this guide, you are now in a much better position to understand the TN visa from start to finish.


Specially, you should now have a better understanding of:


  • What the TN visa is


  • The Benefits of a TN visa


  • The TN Visa Requirements


  • The Documents Needed to Apply for TN Classification


  • The Process of Getting a TN Visa


  • And How to go from TN Visa to Green Card


This is a lot of information to cover and much of it is highly specialized and complex. If you have any questions about the TN visa, or if you would like help getting a TN visa, email me at I’m very responsive and would be happy to help you.


Ashoori Law is a Los Angeles based immigration law firm. We help professionals from all across the globe with their immigration needs.


Got a Question? Email me.





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  • North American Free Trade Agreement


  • US Embassy & Consulates in Mexico - NAFTA Professionals (TN)

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I don’t often write reviews, but in this case I just don’t want to miss the opportunity to write about these people who are really professionals and know their business very well.If you’re still doubting whether or not you should choose them, I... can assure you that you won’t be left more
SangJo Kang
22:57 26 Oct 22
Me and my wife applied for green card through Ashoori Law last December and our case were approved this October. I was in J-1 visa and applied NIW case. They really helped us out from the beginning, especially helping me writing the recommendation... letters. It seemed like their law firm had a lot of people who were very experienced and they answered all the questions that I had. They even had a backup strategy for me if my case was not approved after my visa was expired. I really appreciate all their hard work and kindness and I highly recommend others if they are seeking immigration to the US. I would definitely contact them when I need help for my immigration more
alinafe joshua
18:38 26 Oct 22
Thank you so much! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the amazing legal work you did on my behalf. You and your team are so understanding, helpful and fast in doing things I recommend anyone who needs help to not hesitate but to contact you ASAP.
arshad mohammed
07:50 25 Oct 22
I am very happy and pleased to be writing this review. I came to know about Ashoori Law Firm through you tube videos and decided they are the best firm for my L1A petition, they proved my belief to be 100 percent right and got approval for my case... within five months on the first go. I thank the wonderful team who were very helpful and courteous during the entire process and helped me and answered all my queries promptly. I will be suggesting the firm to many of my friends who are willing to immigrate to The United more
K and G Murphy
23:20 21 Oct 22
They were very patient in waiting for us to get everything we needed and made the process fast and easy. We didn’t even have to do an interview. My wife has a 10 year residency card and right to work. Thank you
Mike Latreille
19:49 20 Oct 22
Ashoori Law was the best choice I could have made for my immigrating from Canada to the US .. their legal team has been easy to work with …super efficient and very professional and always there when I needed guidance or direction..I am greatful for... there team and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an immigration firm to represent them on their journey . A very special thanks to Michael Ashoori, Mathew Larsen and Jeser Romero.. for there attention to detail and impeccable professionalism .. Thanks again Michaelread more
Abdul Salman
17:59 19 Oct 22
Received EAD today. Ashoori have professional attorneys, they are very helpful and filing fees are affordable . Definitely recommend my family and friends. Hopefully I receive my Green card soon.
Sean Machii
05:23 19 Oct 22
Thank you for helping me to get the E2 visa. Ashoori Law team is professional and explain everything I need to know in detail. Highly recommend this law firm for E2 visa.
Eric Askerov
17:18 14 Oct 22
Ashoori Law is a law firm you can trust and be sure they won’t leave you alone with your problems. I’ve been working with a few other lawyers before, but they all are working with you only because of money and don’t really care about you and your... situation.I contacted Ashoori Law’s team with an urgent situation and they were able to take my case, get everything done super smooth and fast. Ashoori Law’s team is reliable, professional and easy to work with. They take care of everything, all you need to do is cooperate and provide necessary papers on time.I highly recommend the firm and specially Shruti, who was working on my case. Only 5 star!read more
Genx Solutions LLC
21:55 13 Oct 22
They handled my E2 process professionally. Collecting all the necessary documents were done systemically. I'm fully satisfied with the service. Michael review the file personally and answer any questions come up. Would recommend Ashoori Law office... with no more
Frida Davidsson Art
19:39 13 Oct 22
I’m very happy I choose Ashoori law! They have been so helpful and very quick with responding! Whenever I have questions they really take their time to explain, and my case has been processed quicker expected! Everything has been going very smooth... without any issues. I strongly suggest Ashoori Law!read more
00:13 12 Oct 22
Milena she will take care of you in your case of the Mater. Experience and excellent service she explained everything in to easy detail...I give her 💯 top notch service if you have any questions she respond back fast efficient...quick and... easy process....and make it easy for you to process your paper work....thank you so much Milena OUSTANDING Work!!! Thanks Ashoori Lawread more
19:36 11 Oct 22
Excellent service extended by Lorianne & team @ Ashoori Law. Kudos.
Brian Tetreault
02:37 06 Oct 22
Fantastic experience with Ashoori Law. Michael and his team were methodical in their handling of our E2 case. Communication with the firm was excellent and all queries were responded to in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Ashoori Law.
Karen Brizuela
01:04 06 Oct 22
Michael and team thankyou very much!! Right and professional answers. you guys did the the job as we agree.. and we did get our E2 visa status.Abe Brizuela.
Winston Stewart
13:50 27 Sep 22
ashoori law took my case in April 2021. They made sure that everything was done correctly before fileing. upon receipt of the case we awaited uscis decision. our petition was approved august 2022. during this time period ashoori law was always... available for my concerns or questions. therefore without reservation I recommend ashoori law to anyone seeking professional legal services in the immigration more
Allen Gibbons
20:02 24 Sep 22
They were informative and very professional. Got the case done smoothly and on time. I would highly recommend Ashoori Law Firm.
Christian Rodriguez
18:23 23 Sep 22
I am incredibly thankful for this law firm. Ever since day 1 they have made things clear and have answered every question that has come to mind along the way. Their way of making sure that all information is correct and up to standards is a main... reason why I am happy with the service. For anyone having doubts...DONT! You will not be disappointed!read more
Shyam Chandrasekharan
17:05 22 Sep 22
Team Ashoori did a great Job on my Visa Approval.
ash yousefi
21:19 20 Sep 22
Ashoori law supported my case for the re-entry permit and they have a very supportive staff. Everything moves very organized.
Callen Schaub
18:20 09 Sep 22
The Ashoori Law team helped secure my USA O-1 Visa (Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement). Looking forward to making the world even more colorful! Thank you Ashoori Law.All the colors,Callen Schaub
Kubra Cingirlar
17:57 06 Sep 22
Because of the location, I couldn’t hire them but they were so fast to response
Malla R
23:31 01 Sep 22
Ehsan Mari is very patient and respectful while working with him . I highly recommend him for Immigration related services
Kanwarbir Singh Minhas
22:32 29 Aug 22
Highly recommend law firm.Thanks to Ashoori Law firm.I have used their service for my E2 visa as well as E2 change of status as i needed both of them.I just got my E2 change of status approved.Great service by the Michael Ashoori and his team.... Very professional ,easy going and helpful. If you are looking for one, this is the place. I will be using their service for my E2 visa also and later on with future applications more
marjan f
23:20 25 Aug 22
I had some immigration questions regarding my application, so I booked a free consultation time with their office. I received a call an hour later from Mr. Ehsan, a consultant of the office. He helped me with all my questions patiently and I have to... say that he was so professional and knowledgeable.I want to thank him for the time and more
Sari Sari
22:04 25 Aug 22
Very informative videos and blog post! Very Easy to understand! Great customer service! Kudos!!
Rovie Sayson
21:21 25 Aug 22
Michael provided excellent service. Highly recommended!!!
Alan Kryemadhi
05:54 23 Aug 22
I called ashoori law firm after I watched their very helpfull videos on YouTube for an e2 visa application (most informative e2 videos on YouTube in my opinion).Hands down they are the BEST emigration attorneys! Although applying for the e2 visa... was completed, the whole process went very smooth. I was impressed by their quick responses! They are very responsive and informative. Cannot recommend them enough! Thank so much guys!read more
Bob Edge
15:05 20 Aug 22
They helped me applied for my mom's green card and provided guidance and assistance through the whole process and more!
Adam Weston
18:25 19 Aug 22
Although I am halfway through the immigration process with my wife, it has been an excellent experience so far. Ashoori Law is very responsive and gets back to me quickly when I have a question. They made everything very easy which is key. Highly... more
Chel Onates
17:42 18 Aug 22
I would like to Thank Ashoori Law team specially to Jeser I really appreciated the updates and follow ups. I highly recommend this firm.
Martha Castrejon
17:52 17 Aug 22
I just got my E2 visa renewal,thank you for the great team of the best immigration Michael Ashoori law company,thanks Lahaina,james,Michael for your help,and would like to give you more than 5 stars,sure will continue to work with you.
Mahesh Lal Rawat
14:56 14 Aug 22
महेश लाल जिला फतेहपुर भारत
Sweta Bharodia
18:23 12 Aug 22
Michael Ashoori and his team were very helpful and guided us through each and everything in getting our E2 visa. I highly recommend Ashoori Law firm.Initially when were looking for E2 visa lawyer, we had been in contact with many lawyers, but we... are fortunate we made a correct decision by making Ashoori Law firm as our lawyer. For any visa application documentation is very important. Ashoori Law team gave us a very clear and easy to understand step by step application process, which made it very easy for me to collect the relevant documents and submit. Starting from setting up a new company for the business till getting visa, Ashoori law firm has been always there, they have always answered to all our questions to the best of their abilities. We are very satisfied by choosing Ashoori Law firm as our lawyer.They are very approachable and will answer all your questions quickly. Special thanks to Lahaina, Chris, Elaine and all the team members with whom we interacted during the visa application process.Sincerely,Sweta more
Michael - David
12:45 11 Aug 22
It is my pleasure to testify to my extremely positive experience working with the Ashoori Law Team in regards to the recent renewal of my O-1 Visa. This Visa renewal was complex as it involved factors such as a patent I hold, the relationship with... the company that I am working with, as well as an arts and entertainment component. The members of the team were professional and attentive and were able to secure the renewal within a surprisingly short amount of time. I would highly recommend their services for anyone who is seeking the right immigration solution particularly where the petition has a business component.Sincerely,Michael-Davidread more
Jessie Vasquez
17:47 10 Aug 22
Ashoori Law made sponsoring an employee's visa very easy and free of stress. They explained everything in detail and were very prompt with their responses and action items. It was a very fast and smooth process that was not outrageously expensive. I... would definitely recommend them and use them more
mubashir ahmed
01:56 10 Aug 22
Thank you so much Michael Ashoori for all your help regarding my wife's work Authorization as an E2- dependent. We truly appreciate your honesty and making this whole process very easy and straight forward for us from the time of the application... till getting the EAD card. Your whole team was exceptional in providing the great advice. Thank you for responding to our emails and phone calls promptly. Our special thanks to James and Lahaina, both were very active and efficient. This was our first experience with any immigration lawyer, and it was very pleasant.We highly recommend Michael Ashoori Law office for any immigration more
Ritesh Chutani
19:11 09 Aug 22
Michael has been very helpful with my reentry permit application. He has been very prompt in answering all the questions I had. He explained how I should go ahead with my application and has supported all along in last few months since the... application process started. I highly recommend his more
Junko Iizuka
22:43 28 Jul 22
From the bottom of my heart, I would like to express my gratitude to the Ashoori Law team, especially Kelly Raposa. Much of my time & energy was needed to go to the hospital daily to take care of my very sick mom. Thanks to Kelly’s genuine kindness... & willingness to answer even the smallest of questions, I was able to focus more of my time & energy on my mom, & was able to be by her side during her last final week. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone - from the moment I started working with them, it was evident that they deeply care about all their more
Travis Steinke
20:23 27 Jul 22
The team at Ashoori law were helpful throughout the entire visa experience. Would, and have, recommend to anyone looking into the E2 visa route. Thank you!
Pradeep Sharma
14:35 27 Jul 22
Great attorney and very impressed with the professionalism. Highly recommend this place for E2 visa needs.
Osaid Abuelnasr
01:23 22 Jul 22
I have worked with many immigration attorneys for my personal and business needs. I have never had the pleasure of working with someone as helpful, genuine and professional as Ashoori Law.The attorney which handled both of my cases was Rebecca... McCarthy. She’s diligent, fast and an all around amazing attorney. She left no questions unanswered and was always on top of my case. Huge thanks to her and Michael for all their help and care.One thing I really liked about working with Ashoori Law is Michael was always available to answer any questions should no one else be able to answer them. He did not shy away from getting on the phone with me when I needed to speak to him. Unlike other firms where you feel the need to talk to 5 paralegals before getting real attention. I will definitely recommend my family and friends to Ashoori more
James Harvey
19:56 21 Jul 22
Michael and his team were extremely helpful throughout my whole visa application process.There was no other firm like it in terms of the effort that was put in to initially bring me on board, with there being numerous calls with me to answer my... queries first, and hear their recommendations on the best approach / visa for me, before giving them the go ahead to start my applicationTheir process was clear and easy, I was introduced to all team members who were working on my case. There was no limit of time from them with answering any questions or concerns that I had, which was huge for me as completing a visa application seemed like a daunting task initiallyFor anyone looking for this type of service I would highly recommend Michael and his team at AshooriA special thank you to James as well, who would of been my primary contact and helped more
Mary Kambai Chimbali
18:23 14 Jul 22
Ashoori law worked really fast. I’ve already had one of my cases approved. They made the process very easy for us and gave us confidence that things are getting done correctly. And they’ve kept us up to date with email and the online tracker along... the more
Matt Mulholand
18:15 14 Jul 22
Ashoori Law has a very convenient online user portal which makes uploading documents very easy. They maintain good contact via email and staff can be reached by phone easily.
Jime Caballero
00:17 14 Jul 22
I'm so grateful of how helpful Ashoori was with my visa process. They did an excellent job!!
Dev Pawar
22:16 13 Jul 22
Nice to work with and they got the job done. Will certainly recommend them for all your immigration needs.
Mohamed Hegazy
16:09 12 Jul 22
totally satisfied with the results, I contacted the law firm to apply for E2. They got it done in time. They are professional and know what they are doing. The team was on top of the case. They reply to all the emails and at all the time. I was able... to schedule a call with them whenever I needed information. Highly recommended!.read more
ker smith
09:38 12 Jul 22
I would definitely recommend this law firm and their entire team to anyone who need immigration representation. They get the job done plus very affordable
Manisha Patel
20:38 08 Jul 22
Michael and his team is excellent at providing timely services and their turnaround time is very quick. I worked with Christina Missey for my immigration petition and she thoroughly reviewed every SINGLE documents of mine and guided me through... journey. She is the best. Appreciate the above and beyond efforts of Ashoori law firmread more
Emilio D'Angelo
17:03 05 Jul 22
I’ve worked with a lot of attorneys along my immigration journey but none have come close to the ease, organization, results of Ashoori Law!I’ll definitely be referring any of my fellow ex-pats over to the extremely capable team at Ashoori... Law.Thank you guys for just a stress free process!read more
Casa Guzmania
18:11 01 Jul 22
We worked with Ashoori Law to apply for E2 status, and it was approved on the first attempt with no request for additional information or any pushback! Big kudos to Christina and Lahaina, who were incredibly responsive, supportive, and patient... throughout the process. We highly recommend Ashoori Law for any immigration process, and we can confidently say that they are experts in E2 more
Salman Rauf
16:18 29 Jun 22
Excellent team and services.Always responded to my concerns whenever i wrote to them. Would highly recommend for Immigration servicing.
Lung Lee
00:40 28 Jun 22
Great work! Professional, always willing to help and quick response.As a newcomer to the U.S., they settled me a lot of questions.They professionally advise which kind of visa is most suitable for you. And, guide you step by step throughout the... application process. Finally, I got the approval of my visa with no RFE.I'd like to special thank to Lahaina for her caring. Also, Rohit's referral to such a great team.I do highly recommend Ashoori Law to all immigrant and non-immigrant applicants to the more
Omolola Baidoo
00:34 28 Jun 22
I had an awesome experience with this law firm. My papers was processed promptly. My phone calls was responded to promptly. No regrets. Money well spent.I will definitely recommend Ashoori law firm to friends and families who needs their services.... Thanks for more
Anja Kahn
17:28 27 Jun 22
My I-140 for the EB2 NIW has been approved!! Thank you Michael and Lahaina of Ashoori Law, and thank you USCIS!Prior to meeting Michael Ashoori, I had frustratingly worked with 3 other immigration law firms over the previous 6 years to ensure my... business, my children and I were always in authorized and lawful status. With these firms I felt not quite versed on the in-depth immigration picture, not sure of the chances of success of any particular route, uncomfortably wondering if the advise and steering was the right path for me and my family for the long term, or was it short term fixes thereby requiring further filings in the future. I paid some pretty hefty fees too, and often was left wondering if the option I was being recommended was the best option for me or was it the most lucrative for the law firm.Michael was a breadth of fresh air!Whilst researching my queries online I found Ashoori Law through the videos Michael posts - the videos were focused, informative, and dealt with pretty much the whole picture in respect of the topic he spoke on. The tone was chatty and Michael came across as very approachable, conveying the law in terms I could understand, without losing the detail. After watching the first video, I searched for more and binge watched all I could find before reaching out to Michael!During my initial consultation I felt so reassured by not only Michael's extensive immigration law knowledge, but also the way he explained options. Everything he said made so much sense, was applicable to my circumstances, and he laid out my options clearly, giving honest evaluation as to the process, the timeline, and chances of success. He didn't do it piecemeal or in isolation, he looked at the full picture as to how my application would affect my family in the long term - definitely an important factor when kids risk being aged out at 21. Michael looked at my background and was confident that I could be successful in the EB2 NIW category. His analysis of how I met the requirements and what I would need to do to evidence my experience, knowledge and expertise gave me the confidence to proceed in the belief I merited the category.The team at Ashoori Law handled the whole process so smoothly and efficiently, with full disclosure at every stage, and it was a speedy filing - under 30 days!!Ashoori Law have a fantastic online portal, where the whole application is managed - you can monitor step by step what is required, there are user friendly forms for information gathering, and easy uploading of evidence documents. Messaging is handled securely through the portal, enabling the whole application history to be in one place, readily accessible for any future query.Having filed, Ashoori Law didn't go silent on me! With the delays in processing at USCIS due to Covid and post Covid challenges, Michael and Lahaina were always happy to have an update discussion and keep me reassured - and sane!I leave this review because Michael's evaluation of what was required for success in my immigration journey has made a phenomenal difference to my life, for which I am forever going to be grateful. I leave this review as an experienced immigration applicant who has tried some of the most well known firms in the country - firms that promised the world, charged the earth, and generally failed in the objective they were contracted for. Michael delivered on his promise. Thank you more
Kely Aliny Neves
12:30 27 Jun 22
Foram ótimos profissionais, sempre prestativos e tudo deu certo sem desafios. Recomendo!
Ramneek Lamba
02:28 23 Jun 22
I would highly recommend Ashoori law to anyone who is looking for a professional advice on immigration. Right from the beginning they explained me the procedure in detail. Lahaina was super helpful at all stages of the process. They respond quickly... and professionally. Anyone looking for immigration advice will not be disappointed. Thanks again!read more
Tommy T Chai8.
06:44 21 Jun 22
Thank you very much for this advice.I thing that next month i will submit this document. 🌷🌷
Rahila Samreen
02:07 17 Jun 22
Michael Ashoori is an excellent immigration lawyer. He has a great team. His team response is so quick. My daughter is also doing her immigration case with him. And definitely I will appoint for my son next. He is a very trustworthy lawyer and you... will never feel that your money is wasted. I definitely recommend to everyone. Thanks to Michael Ashoori that you assisted me every time .read more
00:45 17 Jun 22
Very great! Love, love, love Ashoori Law and his team. They make you feel like family. This is the team that will definitely get the job done. Very friendly and professional!
Vivek Sharma
00:54 16 Jun 22
The team at Ashoori Law did a wonderful job in helping me get my H-1B Visa approved on time. Special thanks to Lahaina and James who were always communicative throughout the process and ensured all information and documents were in place before... submitting the petition. I would highly recommend their more
Erika Fifield
18:41 15 Jun 22
The Ashoori Law team was awesome in providing my company with employer sponsored visa services. They guided us through the entire process, were very professional and were able to file and get us the needed approval in a timely manner. As an HR... manager, I highly recommend Ashoori Law for your business or individual immigration needs. James, Milena, and the entire team were very helpful and made the process very simple with quick results!read more
Ross Hitchins
06:36 10 Jun 22
Our E2 visa request was professionally handled to a successful outcome. I would recommend this Law company for anyone who is trying to obtain a US visa. Good Job! Thanks Steve Hitchins
Romard Palmer
15:05 08 Jun 22
I had the opportunity to work with Ashoori Law to apply for my Re-entry permit. i must say it was seamless, all the work was handle by the staff at Ashoori Law. The service they provided was extraordinary, the staff are very knowledgeable and... provides timely feedback and is willing to spend countless hours on phone calls to explain any situation/issues you might have. I highly recommend this firm for any legal matters regarding immigration services. I will be using them for all my future needs moving forward. It was a great pleasure working with Ashoori Law, I look forward to work with them more
Sandeep Kaur Pannu
02:02 08 Jun 22
I have watched all your videos, they are always great…. I read your blog online and it was very informative and after reading the blog I felt, you and your teams knows in depth about immigration that’s how I approached you guys for EAD. And it all... turned out so great!Thank you for getting us EAD approval in hand! So all five stars from our side.Thank you!read more
Kevin Kovacs
21:03 07 Jun 22
The Ashoori Law team has done a tremendous job representing me and successfully putting together my application. They are very knowledgable, organized, thorough, and straightforward. The team knows what it takes to get cases approved. Ashoori Law... has earned my trust and I will engage them in future cases. Highly recommend!read more
Juan perez don
01:10 02 Jun 22
Hola! Gracias por la asesoría, mi caso salió exitoso, mi cambio de status fue aprobado Gracias por la asesoría y el acompañamiento.
Malwa Truckline
03:04 01 Jun 22
We would like to thank Micheal and Team to work on a our case.which really went smoothly and made easy by them.we highly recommend Ashoori Law Firm and it was pleasure doing business with them.
Jarson Laguerta
21:04 31 May 22
I would highly recommend Ashoori Law office for the fast and reliable visa process. The staff are also accommodating , on point and on time, they're are very fast when it comes to processing my visa.
sunaina rayamajhi
22:42 27 May 22
Applied my marriage based green card from here and everyone was really friendly. Whenever i had any questions they were available to answer it. I really loved the service here. I will definitely recommend this place to family or friends if they ever... need any immigration more
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