EB1 Visa

EB1 Processing Time

EB1 Processing Time: Everything You Need to Know

The EB1 visa is a powerful option used by professionals from around the world to get a US green card.  One of the questions I get asked most frequently about the EB1 visa is: How long is the EB1 processing time? In this guide, I will explain the EB1 processing time from beginning to end.…

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EB1 Visa Guide - Overview of the 3 EB1 Visa Categories

EB1 Visa Guide: Overview of the 3 EB1 Visa Categories

The EB1 visa is an immigrant visa classification which is broken in to 3 distinct sub-categories: 1. EB1A for people with extraordinary abilities; 2. EB1B for outstanding professors and researchers; and 3. EB1C for multinational managers and executives.   In this guide, I will discuss each of the 3 categories of the EB1 visa.  …

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