EB2 vs EB3: The Right Option for You

The EB2 visa and EB3 visa have many similarities. Both result in permanent residency (a green card) and are reserved for those who will contribute as future U.S. workers. However, they also have many differences. This guide will help explain some of the key differences.   Overview:   1. Overview of EB2 and EB3 visas…

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EB2 Visa Requirements: How to Qualify for an EB2 Visa

The EB2 visa is a powerful immigration option. Through the EB2 visa, someone with an advanced degree, exceptional ability, or who can perform work in the national interest in the United States may be eligible for a green card.   In this guide, I will explain the EB2 visa requirements. If you have any questions…

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EB2 Processing Time in 2020: How to Expedite the Process

The EB2 visa is a great way to obtain a green card to the United States. In this guide, I will discuss the EB2 visa processing time. I will also discuss how to speed up the EB2 processing time. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at Michael@AshooriLaw.com. I would…

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