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EB5 Visa Case Study - From E2 Visa To Green Card

EB5 Visa Case Study: From E2 Visa to Green Card

The E2 and EB5 are both investment mechanisms that allow those seeking entry into the U.S. for business purposes to live and work in valid status. However, there are several key differences between the two. The E2 is a nonimmigrant visa that allows temporary…

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E2 Visa Case Study How 2 of Our Clients Got Approved

E2 Visa Case Study: How 2 of Our Clients Got Approved

The E2 visa is an investment-based, nonimmigrant visa. This visa allows somebody to invest in a U.S. business (by either starting a new business or purchasing an existing business), and based on that investment, the person can obtain the legal status to live in the U.S. and…

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