Visitor Visa

Why do Visitor Visas to the US get denied

Why Do Visitor Visas to the U.S. Get Denied?

It is very common in our practice for clients to reach out to us because they had their visitor visa denied. They are seeking tips on how to get their visitor visa to the U.S. approved. Often the denial was because of something called Section 214(b). Section 214(b) of the United…

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Tips to Get Your U.S. Visitor Visa Approved

Tips to Get your US Visitor Visa Application Approved

When you apply for a visitor visa or when you’re seeking entry to the U.S. as a visitor, U.S. immigration officials will look to ensure that you are seeking to enter the U.S. for the proper purpose. With visitor visas, the immigration official must be convinced that you are truly coming to the U.S. as a visitor, and that you are not…

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